Looking for some incredible extensions for your Magento 2 store? You have reached the right page as we have brought an extensive guide that will help you with the same.

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that promises improved performance, security, and scalability of your online store. The best part is it offers unlimited customizations which help you develop a unique online store that perfectly projects your business goals.

Extensions are a package of code responsible for achieving a specific functionality and act as a lifeline to your Magento store. They extend your store’s functionalities and at the same time enhance customer experience. A proper set of extensions is the prerequisite for developing a next-level B2B store. Here’s the list of the best Magento 2 extensions for your B2B business that will assist you.

  • Quick Order by SKU for Magento 2

Quick Order by SKU is a great extension that assists in streamlining bulk orders on your B2B Magento store. This extension collects & adds SKUs to your cart which facilitates easy order management. It enables you to create a quick order list to receive various products with their SKUs and promotes autocomplete product search using SKU. Quick Order by SKU also offers instant product configuration and quantity updates and is compatible with other extensions on the platform.

  • Magento 2 Area & Price Calculator 

Dealing with area-specific dynamic products on the Magento stores is actually a tough job. That’s where you need Magento 2 Area & Price calculator for your B2B store. This extension stimulates your customers to quickly calculate the quantity & price using dimensions (length and breadth) for specific products such as Tiles, Sheets, Carpets, etc. Customers can manually add/remove multiple application areas as per their requirements. Magento 2 Area & Price Calculator effectively enhances user experience as it restricts them from manual calculations for purchasing different products.

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  • B2B Company Accounts Extension

B2B Company Accounts Extension is an indispensable tool that helps B2B online developers to address all corporate accounts from a single admin panel. It allows the admin to set roles and permissions for child accounts and provides them with options to configure company registration forms on their storefront. Using the B2B Company Accounts extension, you can monitor all customer orders in your company’s account and effortlessly add company domains as per your preferences. It enables you to change the status or information of your online users and can work in collaboration with other extensions.

  • Addon Extra Fee

By default, Magento doesn’t provide you with any option to add extra charges to the order value. Addon Extra Fee is a magnificent Magento 2 extension that lets you offer voluntary add-on services like extended warranty services for an additional price, gift packing, faster delivery, and others. These charges get displayed on the cart as well as on the checkout page. You can provide customers with an enriched user experience by installing the Addon Extra Fee extension as it displays subsequently added charges while placing the order.

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At Glance

Although there are profuse extensions available on the platform for your assistance, it’s best to choose the ones that fulfill your specific business requirements & objectives. These were some of the best extensions that we think must be beneficial for your Magento store. We recommend you perform proper research and carefully analyze each extension’s functionalities before making a decision.

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