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Magento Headless Commerce Development

Magento Headless Commerce is a modern-day eCommerce architecture wherein the frontend runs independently from its backend. Magento is used in the backend as an efficient Content Management System (CMS), whereas the frontend is served by React & Vu, and their popular frameworks like Next.js that enhance your store speed & performance.


magePoint delivers reliable Magento headless commerce development solutions built using React & Vu, and their popular frameworks like Next.js, Vue Storefront, Adobe Commerce PWA Studio, and Shopify Hydrogen.

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Why Choose Magento Headless Commerce Development?

There are many benefits of choosing Headless Commerce for your business:

Maximum flexibility & agility
Improved Conversion Optimizations
Enhanced speed & performance
Rapid Experimentation
Seamless customizations & integrations
Create Exceptional Storefronts

Features of Magento Headless eCommerce

Effortless Updates And Upgrades
Effortless Updates and Upgrades

Magento offers regular updates to expand your website’s functionalities and enhance security. Such extensive updates from the platform are vital for your Magento store as it holds unique tools & features. The most significant issue in this process is that merchants are bound to update their websites. Magento Headless Commerce is the best solution for this problem as the backend and frontend are effectively separated.

Third-Party Platform Integration

Powerful eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like Magento are not dependent on single sources. In contrast, they are connected through multiple platforms such as:

  1. NetSuite for OMS (Order management system),
  2. Adobe Commerce/BigCommerce for faster B2B communication between supplier vendors, 
  3. Salsify/Akeneo for product data management
  4. Customer Relationship Management for cart abandonment and B2B commerce.

Integrating these platforms will assist you in efficiently managing your Magento store.

Third-Party Platform Integration
Enriched Google Experience
Enriched Google Experience

Some frameworks of React and Vue.js use the modem concepts like server-side rendering & virtual dom which further adds to the speed and also improves your SEO game. Headless Commerce boosts your Google page experience score (core web vitals) and offers ultrafast performance which is crucial for search engine rankings. A higher ranking on SERP will ensure more traffic to your Magento store.

Omnichannel Commerce Support

Omnichannel is another technical eCommerce term that reflects the compatibility of the software to run on multiple platforms, enhancing customer experience. Headless Commerce eases this process through its multifunctional tools. It also allows you to create an exceptional presence on major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Omnichannel Commerce Support

Our Magento Headless Commerce Development Services

Not satisfied with the standard Magento store’s performance? We deliver optimum custom headless solutions as well. Our professional team is well-acquainted with Magento headless development and furnishes top-notch custom development services like:

Custom Headless Plugin Development
Custom Theme Development
Cross-platform PWA Development
Headless Shipping Method Integration
Headless Payment Method Integration
Headless Marketplace Development

What is Magento Headless Commerce?

Magento Headless Commerce refers to an eCommerce architecture wherein the front end is successfully decoupled from the backend facilitating developers to work independently on either side. The main objective of using Headless Commerce is to deliver a next-level app experience across different platforms, such as single-page/multi-page web apps, mobile apps, IoT devices, and VR & AR modules.

Magento Headless Commerce

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Why Us

Why choose magePoint for Headless commerce development Services?

magePoint is India’s leading Magento Development company that offers world-class Magento headless commerce development services. Our team ensures that the project gets delivered with a safe and secure code. We have:

Over 10 years of Experience
Served more than 30 countries, across 12 industries
Received 100% Customer Satisfaction
A dedicated team of 40+ certified Magento developers

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Hire the best developers from magePoint, a well-established Magento Development company in the UK known for providing superior Magento solutions.

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magePoint is a well-reputed Magento Development Agency in the UK with over 10 years of experience now. We have a dedicated team of 40+ Magento-certified developers who are known for furnishing next-level eCommerce solutions.

Answer to Queries

Frequently Asked questions

There are ample options of frameworks for implementing Headless Commerce. However, the leading frontend framework includes nextJs, GatsbyJS, and Vue Storefront. Further, modern frameworks like React and Vuejs offer their own frameworks like Shopify “Hydrogen” and Adobe Commerce (Magento ) “PWA Studio”.

Headless Commerce offers profuse benefits such as unlimited UX and UI control, flexibility & customizability, lightning-fast web performance, omnichannel retail possibilities, and system scalability.

We can’t estimate the cost of development before carefully analyzing different factors including project complexity, features, number of web pages, and more. Moreover, the cost majorly depends on your project requirements.

 It is hard to make changes to the traditional eCommerce platforms as it has a monolith architecture whereas, headless commerce enables you to perform customizations, and enhance the performance & speed of your website.

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