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Project Communication Strategy

A successful project hinges on effective communication. It is imperative to identify who will be communicating with whom and the communication mediums at the onset of the project. Here’s how we handle this successfully.

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Project Analysis

Talking in-depth about the project with the client to establish objectives and communication processes.

Our Team meets the Client

Ideally, a face to face meeting is held. Otherwise videoconferencing serves the purpose.

Clear & Proper Information

We use cloud-based project management software as well as a simple method to communicate and work together with other individuals in the team.

Single Point of Contact

This ensures that there is no confusion or misunderstanding. This person is responsible for any issues that arise from either side.

Multiple Communication Channels

Meetings, project reports, emails, discussion boards, and document repositories are some of the platforms we leverage for clear and secure communication.

Project Workflow Accessibility

By leveraging collaboration software, even clients at remote locations can monitor the tasks pending and tasks completed.

Secure Development Environment

This ensures the confidentiality of the project.

Working with Respect

Whatever the post they may hold, all team members treat fellow workers and everyone from the client’s side with respect.

Complete Documentation

The client gets every required documentation. This can be read and understood even by a non-technical person.

Proper Reporting of Work Status

Both the project manager and client get alerts regarding work status via automated software at a predetermined time interval, irrespective of geographical limitations.

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