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Magento Security Audit

Worried about your Magento 2 store’s security? Get a professional security audit from the finest Magento Development Company, known for furnishing the best Magento solutions.

Magento stores worldwide encounter a worrying 50-60 attacks daily which is a major cause of concern for store owners. As with any other potent platform, Magento requires regular security audits to ensure the maximum safety of your store. Here are a few issues/reasons you need to opt for a Security Audit of your Magento store.

  • Upgrading from End of Life versions/Older versions to the latest ones
  • Regular website crashes
  • Specific elements not working properly
  • Degrading performance of your website
  • Security patch issues
  • Recent vulnerabilities
  • 3rd-Party extension vulnerabilities

magePoint is a top-notch Magento Development Company with over 9 years of expertise, reputed as a splendid Magento service provider. We have a dedicated team of developers who aim to assist you with a perfect & personalized store.

We have maintained a global presence by serving different parts of the world like India, the US, the UK, Australia, and Europe. Get useful insights about your store’s security by opting for a security audit from our experts today!

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We Provide These

Magento Audits Offered by magePoint

We offer a wide range of Magento Security Audits to ensure that your website is 100% safe and secure.

Magento Security Audit

Determine all risks and add a protection layer to your store by choosing our premium Magento Security Audits. We will check for your Magento & server logs, examine your store’s PCI Compliance, and also create a data backup system.

Magento UI/UX Audit

Dealing with low conversion rates on your Magento store? Our experts help you refurbish your store’s design and utilize data-driven UI/UX audits to boost your conversion rate.

Magento SEO Audit

Lower rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs) can restrict traffic to your store. We offer Magento SEO Audit to improve your rankings by efficiently solving all page speed issues, optimizing HTML, and fixing structure data.

Performance Optimization Audit

Improve your website’s performance & significantly reduce bounce rate by critically analyzing our reports of Performance Optimization Audit. Our experts will revise your Magento settings, template profiling, and background tasks & jobs.

Magento Mobile Audit

Mobile commerce has eased the process of online shopping and hence one can not overlook its benefits. Our professionals perform adequate Magento Mobile Audit by reviewing your store’s mobile speed and addressing all UX complications.

Magento Code Audit

Subpar code can bring constant problems to your store. We analyze your website & figure out redundant files from your main code folder and suggest our expert recommendations. We also perform 3rd Party extensions & theme audits.

Secure Your Store With Our magento Experts

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We Provide These

Tips to ensure a Secured Magento store

Use strong passwords and revise them regularly
Safeguard GIT and system directories
Conduct routine PCI & Malware scans
Get hands-on Two Factor Authentication
Restrict Admin users’ access
Install the latest patches & update extensions

What is Magento Site Audit?

Without adequate maintenance, a website’s performance continuously degrades. Especially, when you manage an online store, you need to assure that user experience is never compromised. This is where opting for Magento Audit services can aid you.


Magento Audit involves an in-depth analysis of a website’s performance, including its code, UI/UX, SEO, and mobile responsiveness. It lets you identify the pitfalls that restrict your store’s performance. Executing regular Magento audits adds to the stability, scalability, and security of your Magento store and ensures everything goes as intended. Take your store to the next level by implementing useful suggestions from your Magento audit service provider.

Magento Maintenance Services
Need for magePoint Developers

Our magento Website Security Audit Process

We follow a simple process to provide an ideal security audit solution for your website-

Analyzing your Requirements

The more information we have about your Magento store & your requirement, the better. Our specialists will analyze your website by accessing your admin panel, server, analytics, etc. The NDA we sign before getting started promises data security. 

Audit Implementation

  • It’s time to audit your Magento store for vulnerabilities and other flaws that might be the reason behind your store’s decline in traffic.

QA Testing

We have a dedicated Quality Analysis team that focuses on the details to provide you with the best solutions.

Report Delivery

Finally, it’s time to generate the audit report and share it with our clients. This report contains a detailed breakdown of all vulnerabilities along with our suggestions to fix them.

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Why magePoint is your one-stop solution for a flawless security audit?

Certified Magento developers
Get professional assistance from our dedicated team of 40+ Magento developers who share great expertise in eCommerce development.

In-depth Checks
Our team diagnoses your store & performs in-depth checks to figure out any sort of vulnerabilities.
Utilize best practices
We use the best practices to perform risk assessments and provide the most suitable solutions.
Transparent Process
You can trust us with your store’s confidential data as we follow a transparent audit process.
100% customer satisfaction
We have served different parts of the world and have received an overwhelming 100% customer satisfaction for our excellent work & continuous efforts.
Efficient Services
We offer Magento solutions at an affordable cost which makes it easily accessible for small to medium size enterprises.

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magePoint is delighted to share that we have been the most preferred Magento development agency for distinct enterprises in the US, Ireland, the UK, the UAE, etc.

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Magento Support & Maintenace

At magePoint, we believe that adding personal touches can do wonders for your website. That’s why our developers deliver custom Magento solutions that meet your business requirements.

Hire Magento Developer

Hire the best developers from magePoint, a well-established Magento Development company in the UK known for providing superior Magento solutions.

Magento Development Agency

magePoint is a well-reputed Magento Development Agency in the UK with over 10 years of experience now. We have a dedicated team of 40+ Magento-certified developers who are known for furnishing next-level eCommerce solutions.

Answer to Queries

Frequently Asked questions

Magento Security Audit allows you to figure out vulnerabilities and other security flaws that might be the reason behind your store’s decline in traffic.

Yes, we offer a custom Magento Security Audit to fit your unique business requirements.

You should go for our Magento code audit in this scenario. Our team will analyze your website & figure out redundant files.

Yes, our Magento audit will provide useful insights, pointing out all the vulnerabilities in your store.

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