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Understanding Requirements & Estimation Approval

We start by completely understanding your specific, as well as unique requirements. It is followed by generating a document that contains your requirements, deadlines, an estimated time to develop as well as the estimated cost. This is sent to you for approval. Only when you give the go-ahead do we commence the project.

Project Analysis

After your approval, phase two begins. We create important documents namely project specification and website requirements specification. This is where we address the comprehensive analysis, concept strategy, technical consultation, and complete the specifications with submission of the resource plan.

UX/UI Design

In this phase, we craft the architecture of the website/app functionalities. The various screens and the user interaction is illustrated. Our UX designers communicate the overall feel of the application and design wireframes. We focus on providing an extraordinary user experience as well as supplying an intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface.

Development & Implementation

In this stage, the process of website/app development commences. After it is built, the deliverable is subject to a pilot study to verify whether it works as desired. Our programmers ensure that the website/app has the full functionality, promised performance and all the user interface elements.

Real-time User Testing

After the coding phase and quality assurance, the website/app is ready for real-time user testing. We provide the deliverable to you so that it can be thoroughly tested for functionality and bugs.

Complete Deployment & Final Launch

The website/application is prepared to execute and operate in a particular environment. The steps include testing, installation, configuration as well as a performance optimization. The client’s staff are trained to use the website/app to its full potential. This is followed by the anticipated launch of the product.

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