Magento Security Patches

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms. There are naturally higher chances for hackers to attack Magento and its users. These attacks might cause security issues leading to bugs and glitches in the core codes. When these security issues are fixed, the code that has fixed the bug needs to be updated in the existing Magento sites. Usually, these fixes are in the form of code changes commonly known as “patches”. Magento recently came up with self-installing patch scripts that include all the updates to fix the security issues detected. The patch script is located in the existing code files of Magento and applies updates to the required files and saves the result. Whenever there is a new security patch is released, Magento will also release an updated version of the application that includes the new patch and all previously updated security patches. All you need to do is apply the new patch to previous versions of Magento.

If you wish to download Magento Security Patches, you can download it from the Technical Resources page on the Magento website. All the customers and partners of Magento are informed about the new patches and their availability via emails and through a pop-up message on the top of Magento’s admin section. The security patches available on Magento’s page with appropriate details, describing the vulnerability and the risk associated with it. This helps you in understanding the impact of the security issue and the fix.

Why Security Patches Are Important

It is always recommended to install the security patches as soon as possible because they will kee your vulnerable Magento store safe from any kind of hacking. Hacking can be harmful to your store because the hacker can easily exploit the vulnerability of your page. It can lead to website breaking even leaking your customer data. Negligence of these patches can cost you a huge fortune and you certainly do not want that.

Need To Install Magento Security Patches

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