Mobile Commerce

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform created using PHP. Earlier most of the online shopping used to take place using desktops. But that trend has changed. More and more people are purchasing Internet-enabled mobile devices. Not only do they browse for information via mobile, they check their email, chat with others as well as buy products and/or services via their respective mobile devices. Hence your Magento Store must be updated to be mobile friendly. In other words It should be suitably optimized to carry out mobile commerce. We look at ways to ramp up the sales of your Magento store  via mobile commerce.

Enhance the loading speed – The loading speed should be a top priority. Make sure the store loads within 2-3 seconds. If it takes more time than that to load it will result in an unacceptable abandonment rate. You need to leverage techniques such as implementation of AMP protocols, caching as well as image optimization to achieve the minimum loading time.

Get rid of invasive ads as well as pop-ups – Frequently the mobile experience is adversely affected by invasive ads as well as pop-ups. Visitors get annoyed and abandon the store without completing the shopping journey. Hence keep ads and popups minimum and concentrate on showing only relevant and useful offers to the visitors.

The checkout process should be made short as well as intuitive- Every online seller’s final objective is conversion. A brief as well as seamless checkout process results in the maximum conversions. If the checkout process is not optimized for the mobile platform you will lose out on many customers as most of them use mobile devices to make purchases. As the screen size is usually small make sure the content is concise, forms easy to enter as well as buttons be easy to see and click.

Make the store navigation user friendly – The appearance of the Magento store is important. Equally or more important is the user experience. The latter is mainly determining by the navigation which ought to be intuitive as well as user friendly. Moreover, it ought to be seamless for shopping on both the web and mobile device. You may have to delete certain pages or elements to fit the mobile platform. However, the relevant elements ought to be clickable, available as well as easily accessible. Designing mobile friendly navigation is both an art and science. With practice you only become better as well as adept in it.

Employ optimized images as well as videos- Make sure that the store’s videos as well as images are well optimized. Folk judge the products by their images and videos while shopping. Hence images as well as videos are very important. Too small files will diminish quality while too large files will adversely affect the loading speed. The keyword is balance. Zero in on an optimal size with acceptable appearance as well as acceptable loading speed.