People are increasingly using their smartphones for browsing the Internet as well as paying for products and services. Presently a significant number of people own and use smartphones. The latter’s use is only going to increase in the future. For your information Magento is indisputably the most used ecommerce platform.

Today e-commerce businesses desiring to be mobile have the option to easily include a Magento extension to go mobile in no time. Outlined below are the advantages and reasons of having a Magento mobile app for eCommerce businesses.


A Magento mobile app offers faster and simpler payment as well as checkout experience. With so many e-commerce businesses offering convenience in online shopping it is important to stand out from the crowd. Leveraging Magento technology your business can offer superior user experience.

Proven and familiar technology

Do not take the risk of using unproven and untested technology for your business’s mobile app. Magento has a rock-solid reputation with many individuals as well as organizations worldwide vouching for its superior and reliable performance. Remember you should have a long-term objective and should not give a bad impression to customers. Once damaged a business’s reputation and credibility takes a long time to restore.

Tap a different customer base

If you do not have a mobile app you are at a disadvantage. Some people prefer mobile apps over other existing mediums to shop. Therefore, by having a Magento mobile app you can target a new set of customers.


By leveraging Magento e-commerce mobile app, enterprises can build a mobile version of their online stores and still have the store’s configuration unchanged. Hence with negligible changes and investment enterprises acquire a mobile presence. This step empowers prospective customers to do purchases comfortably and with considerable ease.


There exists the facility for the Magento mobile app to retain the look and design of the old online store. Existing customers are likely to have a healthy comfort level with the visual and navigational aspects of the online e-commerce store.

Go global

Magento mobile apps offer prospects the ability to browse the mobile store in different languages from the world. The former comes with high grade security and real-time access to relevant data round the clock.

Rank high in search engine results

Search engines now rank app content too. Businesses with apps along with websites have higher SEO ratings compared to enterprises without mobile apps.

It is strongly advised to hire a quality Magento mobile app development company for your online store to go mobile.