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Establishing an online store for any business has become more of a necessity in this technically advanced world. Most enterprises look forward to building an online presence to build a broader customer base, incur lower costs, and increase return on investment.

Choosing an adequate eCommerce platform is a prerequisite for an immense online presence. You will come across numerous platforms once you search online. However, Adobe Commerce remains a favorite as it offers superior security, customization, flexibility, and performance.

Beat Common eCommerce Challenges with Adobe Commerce

Let’s now see some common challenges faced by eCommerce owners and how Adobe Commerce helps you overcome them:

  • Unavailability of Advanced Data Analytics

    Problem: Data is an indispensable resource for any business. An eCommerce business can efficiently utilize data to assess its successes and failures and base its decisions upon it. It’s essential to choose an eCommerce platform that offers data analytics.

    Solution: Adobe Commerce seamlessly integrates with Adobe Analytics, thereby empowering your business to better analyze complex business data. Enterprises can utilize this integration to prepare visualizations to get better insights, understand customer needs, and ultimately deliver a top-notch customer experience.

  • Search Engine Optimization becomes a tricky task

    Problem: SEO plays a crucial role in the website’s ranking on the result pages. Your website needs to rank higher on the SERPs to attract more organic traffic to your site. Lower ranking corresponds to a decline in organic traffic and thus negatively impacts your sales and revenue.

    Solution: The best part about using Adobe Commerce is that it provides a straightforward dashboard with metadata capabilities. It restricts content duplication with the help of canonical tags. Adobe Commerce streamlines your online store’s experience with minimized JavaScript and security updates. This empowers your site to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Safari.

  • Headless Commerce

    Problem: You can’t estimate the exact resolutions and screen sizes of the devices your customers use to access your store. Hence, you are required to ensure that your store is accessible on all devices and is optimized for different screen sizes and channels like the web, social media, apps, and web portals.

    Solution: Headless Commerce involves the separation of the front end of your website from its back end so that you can work independently on both of them. It empowers you to develop native app-like shopping experiences across devices without needing further customization. Adobe Commerce promotes agility as it allows you to work separately on the front end without disturbing the back end. Its PWA Studio offers integrated content tools like Page Builder to deliver responsive app-like shopping experiences across different devices and channels.

Final Verdict

Adobe Commerce is one of the best platforms that lets you overcome common eCommerce challenges. It is a highly flexible, adaptable, secure, and scalable platform that assists you in developing a high-performing online store. It provides you with comprehensive reports about your store’s performance.

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