Headless Commerce

Rapid transformations in technology have increased the focus of worldwide businesses toward building and managing online presence to cope with competitors.

Magento is one of the most preferred eCommerce building platforms that enable owners to connect seamlessly with their customers and offers access to hundreds of unique features to sell their products. Headless is another technical eCommerce term, and no, it does not mean living without your head!

Let us understand the true meaning of headless in the eCommerce world.

Default V/s Headless Magento 2 Architecture

A headless website aims to achieve maximum flexibility and agility by effectively separating its front end from its back end in the website architecture.

Generally, Magento is known for its monolithic behaviour which reflects the backend and the front end functioning together. A Magento headless commerce architecture aims to achieve the above goals by efficiently utilizing the backend as Content Management System, whereas the front end serves higher customization options.

Top 3 Benefits of Headless Commerce for Magento Stores

  1. Offer more customizations

    As you must already know that Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that integrates both front-end and backend to work properly. It requires complex coding efforts to deliver customizations and maintenance. Redundant changes to the codes cause bugs and errors.

    Headless Commerce offers more flexibility when it comes to customization as it separates the front end from the back end. It ensures that any changes made to the front end do not leave any impact on the back end and vice versa. This facilitates developers to test new features, and add new technologies to the front end without worrying about the back end.

  2. Develop unique storefronts with ease

    Traditional Magento platform offers predefined themes for your storefronts. Whereas, with headless Magento, you can develop unique UI & UX designs based on any frameworks or programming languages without spending a penny from your pocket.

    Although the process to create new storefronts seems to be a lengthy task at first, the developers can work on it and modify them at their convenience with minimal effort. We recommend using a page builder tool for this purpose as it allows you to quickly drag and drop storefronts, add a button or adjust layouts within seconds.

  3. Enjoy Faster Speed

    Headless Commerce involves the partition of the front end from the back end. This makes both of them extremely lightweight and lets them load faster. Moreover, the developers find it more comfortable to optimize site speed for a headless Magento site as it can be quickly customized. You may also prefer using PWA with headless commerce as this will increase your online store’s speed from two to four times than usual approach.

    We hope this guide helped you understand the concept of Headless Commerce, its benefits, and the difference between traditional or default architecture and headless architecture. For Magento store owners, it can prove to be of great significance as it provides faster speed, assists in developing unique storefronts, and offers advanced customizations.

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