Elastic Search Pro

Optimum customer experience is crucial to surviving online. There are many aspects to enhancing it, one of them is creating a space which helps them find what they are looking for in the fewest clicks possible. If you fail to provide a seamless search experience to your visitors, it will adversely affect your online store’s performance.

Imagine a situation where your visitors are not able to find the relevant products because of the inefficient search bar on your Magento store. In such a scenario, most customers will get frustrated and probably leave your website within seconds.

You will be amazed to learn that up to 80% of online shoppers leave eCommerce websites because of extrinsic search results, twisted navigation, and inadequate product information.

Presenting M2 Elastic Search Pro Extension

Are your customers not satisfied with the search experience on your Magento store? The experts at magePoint figured out the solution to this problem, an ultimate solution that will enhance search results on your Magento store.

The M2 Elastic Search Pro Extension elevates the experience of your store by providing customers with better search results. This exclusive extension will help your customers find various products through the initials of their names, SKUs, and category names. It enhances the user experience by providing accurate, more informative search results and suggestions in real-time.

Key Features

  1. Search Autocomplete suggestions:

Offer necessary information about various products on the pop-up menu provided with this extension. It is displayed as soon as the user starts typing in the search bar. This helps to reduce the steps in the customer journey from the search bar to the checkout page.

  1. Search by SKU, name, and category:

Customers can now start a quick search not only with the name of the products but also with their SKU and category.

  1. Responsive & mobile-friendly:

The pop-up menu displaying the search results adjusts itself according to the screen size. It supports all responsive themes and enhances user experience which makes it compatible with screens across laptops, mobiles, & tablets.

  1. Search Autocomplete suggestions and layout changes based on search results:

Offer prospects autocomplete suggestions of product names whenever they start typing in the search bar. The layout of these suggestions varies as per the search results. The admin can specify the number of letters that trigger the pop-up menu.

  1. Displays Out of stock products in a separate section:

One thing that frustrates your customer is when they hover over the product page from the search results to ultimately find out that it is out of stock. Our extension enables you to display out-of-stock products in a separate section for a smoother customer experience.

It shows that M2 Elastic Search Pro Extension is crucial for your Magento store as it focuses on offering a seamless search experience for your customer, which increases interactions on your Magento store and enhances the chances of conversions. You can use this extension to display prices, images, and categories of different products on the search result pop-up menu.

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