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This extension is used for the magento 2 advance Elastic Search suggestion. Let customers conveniently search magento 2 products by name, sku and category name. Optimize quick search window according to users’ needs and customize auto-complete popup display to make searching easy-to-follow. Display category and Sold (Out Of Stock) product in search result. Magento 2 Elastic Search Pro Extension offers advanced, accurate, and quick  search functionality to your online store. Our Elastic Search Pro  Module enhances customer satisfaction & user experience &  shopping experience. Power to choose product attributes for search.

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Elastic Search Pro Magento 2 Extension

This extension is used for the magento 2 advance Elastic Search suggestion. Magento 2 Elastic Search Pro extension auto-suggests products via category, product name, and SKU that helps you deliver advanced, quick and accurate search results. This extension enhances the user experience by providing product descriptions (via Name, Price, Images, Quantity, etc), and displaying out-of-stock products in a separate section. The extension also provides store owners with the ability to modify the backend.

— Auto-Completes search queries of customers.

— Provides specific synonyms for search queries.

— Displays Out of Stock Products in a separate section.

— Enrich search results.

— Showcase product price along with its category.

— Offers handy tabs for quick navigation.

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Key Features

1.Search Autocomplete suggestions:

Elastic Search Pro displays a pop-up menu as soon as the user starts typing in the search bar. It helps the customers to move from the search bar to the checkout page faster.

2. Search by SKU, name, and category:

One can perform a quick search not only with the name of the products but also using their SKU and category.

3. Responsive & mobile-friendly:

The extension is compatible with mobile phones as the pop-up adjusts itself according to the screen size. It supports all responsive themes and enhances user experience.