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Developing eCommerce stores have become more of a necessity for enterprises in today’s tech-driven world. The most crucial decision for entrepreneurs in this process is choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) to power their online store.

Magento or Adobe Commerce is a popular eCommerce & CMS platform that lets you build a powerful online presence for your business. The best part about opting for Magento to run your online store is that it offers unlimited customization. However, you need to remain updated with the latest Adobe Commerce capabilities to bring the best out of your store. That’s why we have curated this exclusive guide comprising the latest features that will also help enhance your store’s performance.

  • AI-Optimized Live Search

    Live Search is not a new concept in the world of eCommerce. Even Adobe Commerce introduced it almost two years ago. This feature facilitates lightning-fast search results, intelligent faceting, and search merchandising capabilities. In its latest release, Magento has expanded the implication of Adobe Sensei in Live Search which enables you to deliver next-level personalized experiences. You can provide customers with optimized search results by efficiently utilizing AI algorithms like “Recommended for You,” “Trending,” and “Most Purchased.” Such features assist in significantly increasing your Magento store’s conversion rate.

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting

    Adobe has recently introduced Audience Activation, a new extension that smartly integrates Adobe Commerce with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform. With its implementation sellers can seamlessly offer real-time, one-to-one personalized experiences to their customers. It enables merchants to utilize audiences formed in Real-Time CDP to target content (dynamic blocks) and promotions (cart price rules). For instance, you can add a ‘20% off’ promotion on high-margin products for customers who are most likely to buy them. Such deep integrations facilitate highly customized strategies that pull & utilize data from commerce sites and other sources (like ERP & CRM systems) as well as AI-powered segmentation tools unique to Real-Time CDP.

  • Upgraded Payment Services

    One way to deliver an improved & personalized shopping experience on your Magento store is to offer a wide range of payment options. Payment Services is a one-stop payment solution for Magento built and supported by Adobe. It enables you to securely organize payment and order data right from the admin dashboard. The best part is that this updated feature is also available for France & UK which facilitates effortless onboarding and exhaustive reporting for customers in big markets.

  • New Version Brings New Opportunities

    You don’t need to worry about your store’s scalability or performance with the latest version of Adobe Commerce i.e. 2.4.6. It comes with the latest security, supporting technologies, and additional GraphQL APIs for B2B purchase orders. Merchants can add an extra-large number of catalogs and customer segments without risking their store’s performance. The latest version also promises three times gains in the number of orders and page views processed per hour as compared to its predecessor.

These innovations reflect that it is high time to shift your store to the Magento platform and bring a remarkable increase in your store’s conversion rates. Adobe has revolutionized customer experience by offering features like AI-powered Live Search, Upgraded Payment Services, and Advanced Segmentation & targeting.

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