Whether you are planning to choose Magento or have already chosen it, the right Magento 2 development will lead you further. A better performance, design improvements, flexible architecture, Improved checkout process, CSS preprocessing and reduced upgrades come in the package of Magento 2. Plus, when these functionalities are handed over to a Magento expert, magic happens.

In today’s blog, we are talking about those advantages that a store owner and customers can enjoy with the help of Magento and Magento 2 eCommerce development.

The winning Advantages of Magento 2

The global network of over 315,00 developers Magento is used by more than 250,000 merchants with $155 billion facilitated gross annually. The main goal behind the release of Magento 2 is to improve UX. It delivers vast advantages for both enterprises and customers; let’s check them out.

Performance and scalability-

Magento 2 has an advanced indexer to speed up query performance. It regularly updates data, including users, prices, stores catalogue data and improves the speed of your eCommerce store.

Also, with its core integration, Magento 2 can varnish Cache and make your website lightning fast. With the lowest HTTP requests, the Magento eCommerce platform is the leading site-building platform.

Fact- Do you know Magento 2.0 processes 135k more orders per hour with PHP 7?

Customer convincing-

One of the amazing benefits of having Magento 2 on your side is that it can make provision of various cross-sells, upsells and improves the user shopping experience. Apart from that, you can also make use of features like stock availability, gifts & coupons and price countdowns.

Moreover, you can add promotions easily to your checkout pages, which reduce your store’s cart abandonment rate and increase sales potential. Its rich media, including video, help you to express your products ideally.

Powerful platform-

Looking for a store that can handle over 500,000 products, Magento 2 is the best. We are calling it a powerful platform as it handles large inventories, major payment gateways, offerings and has the availability to handle a large sum of orders. You can measure its power that platform can process over 39%/hour.

This means it can handle huge amounts of traffic with its faster end-to-end checkout time.

Limitless customization-

Magento 2 makers understand that every business is unique, and that’s why limitless customization availability. The platform offers easy theme installation, various extensions, custom development and prepared to suit each business needs.

The flexibility of Magneto makes customisation easy to implement all crucial steps, including one-step checkout that also reduces the checkout abandonment rate. Also, it has a quick view, foreign languages and currencies expand, ajax friendly, multiple stores management which makes it user-friendly.


Stats says around 62% of smartphone users have made an online purchase at least once. In such cases, as per current situations & ease, shoppers are more commonly shopping with mobile phones. Magento 2 is developed in such a way that it can respond to these devices. Its responsive design and themes make your site visually & functionally stunning on all types of devices.

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Along with customers, the owners can also enjoy the Magento 2 admin panel with its touch-screen friendliness. You can easily navigate the store’s catalogue with the screen resolution used.

SEO Advantages-

Organic search is the main source to drive traffic to an eCommerce store. In that case, if you have a properly optimised online store, Magento 2 offers those SEO advantages.

URL structures, meta-implementation, rich snippets, mark-up data, optimised SML sitemaps and more, Magento 2 designed with keeping SEO in mind. This is how your site becomes SEO friendly and raises search engine rankings.

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Marketplace integration-

Magento 2 allows retailers to create an omnichannel platform like a marketplace (eBay, Amazon and so on). In Marketplace integration, retailers offer their services & products to reach wider audiences. Merchants can list their products and measure gained value from important channels.

Also, Magento 2 offers multiple marketplace extensions to make the journey easy. Want to learn more about the benefits of the Magento 2 marketplace extension, Click the link you just saw.


The advantages of Magento 2 make it popular between developers and merchants. Whether one side developers enjoy its efficient customization, SEO friendliness and stunning features, the other side, the customer love its user-friendliness, including easy checkout and relevant searches.

The platform for all: Magento 2 suits every business requirement from small to large. Are you one of them and looking for Magento 2 development experts? We are here for a free consultation.