Magento Mobile Commerce

According to a recent market survey by Statista, online purchase via mobile phones was 52% in 2019. The day-to-day emerging use of online platforms and mobile phones, it’s no longer going down in 2020 and so on. Believe us, we have given years to E-commerce Development, and know the extreme importance of mobile-friendly websites for online store owners.

Upper given statistics are enough to attract companies to invest in M-commerce. And if you are planning to enter the M-commerce market to make a remarkable position, choose a particular platform which suits you the best. You must invest in such a platform that can offer the utmost flexibility and reliability to your site.

As per our experience, Magento 2 is one of the best e-commerce platforms to get the advantages of M-commerce. In this article, we will shed light on Magento 2 features and know-how it enhances m-commerce.

Top 8 crucial reasons for you to consider Magento for Mobile Commerce

1. Greater Flexibility:

A business always looks for a flexible solution to get success within a limited time. And if you want to expand your regular online customer base, having a mobile-friendly website can make way easy. And as per our knowledge, each type of business expansion into mobile platforms, Magento 2 can easily accommodate all requirements. It is a reliable choice of millions of retailers across the globe because it’s highly scalable and flexible.

2. Cost-effective:

Though there’s no need to pay a monthly subscription and so, you can get an affordable and budget-friendly eCommerce solution for your mobile-friendly store. The best part is, there is no restriction for selling the number of products, transactions, or others. You can even manage multiple stores with Magento 2 with ease and free of cost.

3. E-commerce features:

You will be glad to know that Magento has everything that you need to launch and manage your eCommerce store. You just have to add the desired tools with the help of Magento developers, and it will generate an immense amount of website traffic. With the help of this widely popular CMS, you can build a strong brand identity for your business. It makes you able to deliver great, exceptional customer service to your clients as well.

4. Secure and reliable:

To offer customers a completely secure and reliable solution, you should need to choose Magento 2, as it protects your website from hackers. It comes with an in-built security feature, that makes it reliable. With this, the stores can accept secure payments to the websites without any hassles.

5. Enhanced M2 Admin Panel:

No one wants to manage a complicated admin panel, and Magento 2 creator sare well aware of that. That’s the reason Magento 2 comes with a handy admin panel. It enhances the process and makes it easily manageable. Apart from that, it creates a mobile-friendly website, so the user never feels any complication to get accustomed to the store as well.

6. Maximise sales with Magento 2:

Though 52% of online buyers are more likely to buy things from a fully optimized mobile-friendly eCommerce, thus it surely helps the business to increase their conversion with Magento 2. After all, More conversions lead to more sales.

7. Do everything from your mobile:

In Magneto, you can manage admin planes on your mobile phones, which is probably the most efficient manner to make work easy.

Take a look, what can perform with mobile phones now?

  • Catalogue management features
  • Marketing/promotions
  • SEO functionality
  • Order management

8. Google and SEO friendly

Magento is making your way easy to get rank on mobile phones. The platform is Google and SEO friendly, which helps you to rank on search engines. And as Magento websites are mobile-optimized, it started ranking on mobiles phones searches too.

Apart from all said reasons, Magento 2 comes packed with many other amazing features which would help you run your business efficiently on the mobile platform. When you jump start your online venture, you can expect right out-of-the-box: catalogue management, SEO functionality, Marketing or Promotion suite, Order Management and site management as well. To get more info, you need to consult with a professional Magento developer.