Magento Business Intelligence

How about a cloud-based system that unleashes the true power of data for your commerce store? What if a commerce dashboard monitors your business health? A dashboard that will handle all average order value, customer lifetime value, retention rates and much more. No! We are not walking you through a dreamy efficient world but talking about Magento business intelligence. 

By the way, it is not finished yet and got a heavyweight surprise about this amazing Magento system.

Let’s get started with basics and know what Magneto BI is?

Starting from basic: What is Magento BI?

Magento BI is a cloud-based data visualisation & management platform with a multitasker dashboard. It is handy and integrated to help merchants better cope up with their data. The reporting tool conjoins data from all crucial platforms, including:

  • Database
  • Extensions
  • Third-party tools and more

It delivers users valuable insights on some of the most frequent questions cross their mind, very often, including:

  • Which are those channels that might produce the most potential leads?
  • Can return orders that affect business loyalty to customers?
  • What is the current retention rate?
  • What will be an ideal product cost to make customers serve for a lifetime?

Type of areas

Magento business intelligence is differentiating into three areas, including:

  • Single data storageIntegrated with the Magento database, it has many other ways to connect with other systems. Other than that, the system connects many other ways that work with Magento commerce. They built the system with full-stack technology that works for data relocation.

Highlighted points:

    • Directly integrated with Magento database
    • Full-stack data reflection technology
    • Myriad ways to connect with other systems
    • Central cloud-based warehouse to collect data
  • Extensive management & control
  • Analytical space-Today or we would say from always, guesswork was never the part of the businesses success. In Magento BI, reports create reports with all the calculative information, and help to customise & standardise your data.

Highlighted points:

  • Create a calculated column & tables
  • Handy and analysed report builder
  • Study an entire data warehouse for specific results
  • Organise & customise business matrices
  • Export capabilities to extend data use


  • Visualisation space- It makes data easier to access in a chart or increase visualisation. In Magento BI, systems offer data variant charts & graphs to enhance efficiency.

Highlighted points:

  • Turn data jargons into something that visualises;
  • On-time/day access to data-report;
  • Unlimited organised dashboard;
  • Various user permission levels to empower them;
  • Scheduled & analysis messages for sending inboxes;

Why go for Magento business intelligence?

To understand how it offers clean data reporting from the content management system, you might walk point by point.

  • The system works as a nerve system, which means an easy, fast & constant data flow.
  • Collect data from systems like MySQL, Google for retailers, Google analytics and Facebook ads.
  • Let users view a large quantity & quality data in one picture.
  • Breaks down into source (whenever you want) rather than showing the complicated overview.
  • Fine-tune marketing & sales activities
  • Save time while providing each critical insight in one place.
  • Normalise data in the shape of a clean, optimised way that serves the most productive outputs.

Added Features:

The aforementioned overview of the powerfulness & variance of online business analytics tools is unbeatable and do not need to add a few more. But still, we continued this blog? Well, it’s because Magento creators do not stop here and continuously adding more and more.

  • Schedule data reports & sophisticated email summary- Keep tracking things while informing at the same time is difficult, especially with jumbo-sized businesses. But with the help of the Magneto tool, you can schedule and automate the report of the visualisation to a group or single person.

Also, one can choose to email a summary and then schedule a calendar. It contains helpful information like the frequency of sent emails and the users that receive or opens them.

  • New types of data visualisation for reports- The system introduced three new types of options named:
    1. Bubble chart
    2. Scatter plot
    3. Scatter plot with trend line

These options help in making more descriptive graphs (pie, liner, bar) and enhance presentation & comprehension.

What you can do with Magneto BI?

It servers plentiful possibilities to manage control, improve efficiency, track better and target ideal customers.

Here are some of the best from the hamper:

  • Control who can edit your data- User permission level increases security while maintaining control over the analysis system. In which only the admin can edit companies’ reports, data, metrics and dashboard.

Nevertheless, to serve efficiency, standard level of insights by accessing employees to dashboard overview and send out reports. To maintain data system consistency, edit access may some users while maintaining the “read-only” access for others. It saves the system from inaccessible edits and changes.

  • Track your goal- Its user-friendly dashboard allows you to track yearly bases, performance and data. Besides, it unifies the analytical program & calculates ROI in one place. The dashboard functions offer a complete overview and check everything, including online spending.
      • Build & send report-The system allows all analytics segments called Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM), so you can predict the future potential customers based on customer history (frequent, recent and average transaction).
      • Create appealing web pages- As a content management system helps to create content without code and pre-defined templates & styling, so users can edit/post themselves whenever they want.

To offer a personalised touch to potential users, you can create specific user profiles to target betters. For example, an extra discount.

In a nutshell!

After this vast overview of Magento business intelligence, if as an online merchant, you are looking for the same efficiency, surety & data power, Hire our Magento Experts that guide you to the best Magneto experience