Magento eCommerce marketing game

Who would deny if it is the right time to raise an eCommerce marketing game? At least not a Magento eCommerce firm like us.

Magento is booming day-by-day and sharing the same strength with its users too. Plus, given the current situation, walking with the new normal seems only working. And we must say, eCommerce owners, are playing on the front foot.

Are you?

NO? Then for sure, you will, after finishing this out-and-out of the blog on Magento Commerce marketing strategy.

Ways change your Magento eCommerce marketing game-

  • Latest and personalised content-

    In this continuously changing world, who wants to see the same jargon of content every day? In such wise, what if they found something exceptionally unique and personalised? They will read and stay longer to your site or product, which will lead them towards the sales.

    In the eCommerce market, 37% of marketing executives say yes personalised content helps to gain customers’ attention and increase lifetime value.

    If you ask about Magento Commerce, it has a suite of tools called page builder. This tool helps quickly build content, tag different audiences & stages of customers’ journeys. Plus, let business owners create, edit or publish content without developers’ help.

For example- 

  • Communicational content- You have to see those, “Did you forget something in your shopping cart?” Each time a customer “add to bag” but don’t buy, it places a healthy reminder from eCommerce stores’ sides that gain customers’ attention.
  • Users content- One estimate of local consumer review surveys says, 88% of consumers, trust the reviews or word of mouth by their friends or relatives. Make sure you have such user content on your eCommerce site.
  • Personalised product recommendation- Do you know 84% of customers look for product recommendations at least sometimes. Make sure when you arrange product recommendations, do it wisely.

Here is the list of some the addition you can add as a recommendation-

  • Related products 
  • Private sales 
  • Loyalty programs & reward point 
  • Wish list 
  • Cross-sells

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  • Coordinate strategy across channels – Don’t forget to connect with multiple channels such as various social media. This way you can collect the quality and loyalty points from customers as they can share or get brands information out to their social media doors.

    Apart from this, you give opportunities to your customers on every social media content share or feature from the customer’s community. Also, you can offer various coupons or discounts for more engaging interaction.

  • Built custom sites for distinct brands, marketing and segments- With the growth of your products, your business, website and customers also grow. In this stage, whether you are looking to start a product site for better targeting or a new website for local language & geographical ease.

    In both cases, if you install new software each time, it is difficult to grow. But with Magento, you can manage multiple websites by installing new software. Even if the distinct brand, geographies, customer segments or single admin interface.

    This simply means you can serve a high-quality performance to your customers that will surely enhance your brand scale.

  • Real-time and one-to-one experience- eCommerce marketing is a two-way route, where you have to listen to your customer too. After all, in this era of speeding everything by ease, shoppers hate to talk again with customer services (phone calls or emails).

    Even one survey on customer services says 62% of customers ignore the email from customer services.

    On this note, “live chat” and “chatbots” are the expeditious solution from Magento. They help customers to interact effortlessly in the comfort zone.

  • Get leads onto your emailing list- Email marketing is flourishing day by day, and that is for a reason. From one of the average estimates, each dollar invested in email marketing generates a return of $42. With help of emails, you can alert customers for new products, offers or services. Also, if you have customers who abandoned their shopping carts, you can connect or offer them by email.

    Email marketing can work incredibly, all you need is, increase your list with ideal prospects.

  • Analysis of what is working or what not- Just like trends, eCommerce marketing is subject to change. If one promotional and content idea worked today, that doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow as well. Make sure you are not only analysing it with time but making the changes too. Magento eCommerce has a business intelligence module that offers a proper analysis of the brand, website and uncovering insights.

    It ultimately improves the eCommerce marketing experience and drives conversion growth.

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Why magePoint for Magento eCommerce marketing?

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