Magento 2 Payment Gateways Extensions

Do you shop from an online store if you can’t pay safely? You may leave the process in between if you face even a tiny complication during payment, don’t you?

So do your customers, and expecting only positive news from them is a little too much.

That’s Okay! But the question is, how payment gateways extensions can play a critical role in boosting your online store?

Well, if you have a Magneto 2 online store, then a payment extension can make a big change. Let’s see how?

Quick reminder: What are payment gateways extensions?

You can understand payment gateways as a middleman between you and your customers’ payment medium (credit/debit card or other online payments). So basically, we can say payment gateways secure confidential payment information between banks and customers.

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Magento 2 payment extension considerations (Choose The Best)-

Choose best, pay secure, fast & efficient!

In this segment of the article, we are talking about the most popular & widely used payment extension for Magento 2. Best for online payment, as we have spent years integrating and can spell best confidently.

Also, we will let you know all pros and cons, so you can choose as per requirements.

Here they are

PayPal- With 203 million current active users, 1.7 billion payment transactions, and 16 active million merchants, PayPal is one of the reputed & popular online international payment acceptors. The system is available for 202 countries worldwide, in which it accepts payment in over 100 currencies. The platform has a high commission rate, but it’s worth its safety.

After these buzz-worthy facts about PayPal, let’s know its connection with eCommerce stores especially Magento 2.


  • Payment system can be used for paying to other platforms as well
  • Quick and secure payment
  • Allow paying from both credit and debit cards
  • Speedy account authorization
  • Easy and rapid to set up an account


  • Ease to create the system make it an easy target for frauds
  • Poor customer service
  • Take long to unlocking an account
  • They can freeze your account even with contacting you

Authorize.Net- The global payment serving over 440,000 merchants worldwide since 1996. With its strong infrastructure, the payment gateway accepts all contactless, credit cards, and eChecks. The system makes payment procedure easy and without website payment ability.


  • Free mobile app
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Easy to use platform serve efficiency to find information
  • Serve service for both mobile and online
  • Strong data security prevents payment frauds
  • Quick transaction & fund transfer too


  • Not so well-developed mobile app
  • Do not ask for usual credit card info, but you have searched for them
  • Outdated user interface
  • Lack of data portability

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Strip- The payment platform comes to second place in our list of payment gateways for Magento 2. Available in 35+ countries, it supports 135+ payment methods & currencies. One of the fastest improving platforms, it is on the route of becoming the world’s most easy-to-use & powerful APIs.


  • Instant debit card transfer
  • Feature flourish more in the hand of a tech-savvy user
  • Offer plentiful development opportunities
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 available technical support


  • Do not offer a 3D secure service
  • Chargeable functionality changes
  • No automatic tax support

Braintree- As they say: A PayPal company. PayPal acquired the payment gateway in 2013. Payment extensions offer multiple outlines, global fraud protection, settlement currency, local payment proficiency in one integration. Other than this gateway, extension is available for 130 currencies and 44 countries.


  • Available for global coverage
  • Easy, reliable, multiple payment types
  • Excellent integration with BigCommerce platform
  • Only for what you use
  • Support 3D secure and global payment method
  • Easy web implementation


  • Not so detailed reports
  • Not so good search function
  • Developer forced that make it difficult for average person

WorldPay- According to WorldPay from over 250,000 UK SME businesses, where the other part of WorldPay users are not included. One side is simpler order management, real-time data, and Webhooks saving time for payees. Other side fast payouts, robust systems, and recurring payments are serving a better cash flow.

WorldPay supports over 120 currencies worldwide, so most of the world can pay for the security & efficiency of homes.


  • Mobile payment availability
  • 3D security services
  • Partake in fraud screening, so you can prevent fake payments


  • Delay in large transfers
  • Large fees, smaller business
  • Different price for various industries

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Choose Secure Pay Safe!

The aforementioned Magento 2 payment gateways extensions are the best for an eCommerce store that does business internationally. However, while choosing one for you, make sure you do not think only for the short term but the long run as well.

To make your decision easy, we have mentioned the top one with pros and cons, so you can choose the most secure one for your business payments. However, if you are confused about what best suits you or if you are looking for some Magento payment gateway integration, we are here to help.