Magento Website: Monthly Checklist

How simple life will be if experts reveal the secret: How to maintain a Magento website?

Well, so what would be your reaction if we say we are disclosing the complete monthly checklist of Magento website maintenance?

First, for those who think the work is done after Magento 2 expert’s on-air website, “No it’s not but website health, performance & your profit, all depends on how timely & correctly you are working on it.” 

So, how to work correctly, and how many hours do you need to spend on your website for its daily maintenance?

Well, that’s why we are here to guide you! 

Magento maintenance mode steps- 

There are some crucial steps of Magento 2 website maintenance that you need to perform regularly, including:


  •  Website performance check –  Performance analysis is the first step in the funnel of website maintenance, as to solve issues, identify the problem first. For this, monitor and key features of any website such as traffic, submissions, bounce rate, orders, search engine visibility, SEO technicalities.  All you have to do is, add some vital tools to your site, including Google Analytics, Google search console, Google PageSpeed. These tools will help you analyze the website’s weaknesses & flaws.


  • Website speed test – Identify the components (images, CSS, third-party elements and JavaScript) that are slowing your websites. You can take a website speed test, where HTTP requests will help you consider all major factors that determine how fast or slow your website loads. If you have fewer HTTP requests that means you have fewer issues and the website is fast. However, if you have many sorts of them up while combining CSS styles into style sheets & multiple scripts into a single script.


  • Security measure monitoring  – In eCommerce website development, security is a matter for always. An online store where money transaction is a daily process, if your website is not secure, it can turn into the worst trouble anytime. Make sure you take these Magento store measures:


            – Magento 2 migration

            – Updated Magento site version 

            – Include two-factor authentication 

            – The custom admin path setup 

            – Use of HTTPS/SSL

            – Turn on session expiration –

            – Invest a good amount in website hosting 

            – Choose Magento security assessment Wisley 


  •  Broken link check up- During Magento migration or other site changes where you forget to fix the link can easily face issues like broken links or dead links. Yes, for small sites, you can manually analyze the links, but for eCommerce (immense pages), use a broken link checker plugin or tools such as Google search console.


  • The website from check- In the eCommerce sector a website form is the medium between you and your customers. A website form help to collect customer’s information such as email, name, address and connections detail, etc. Here are some tips to improve the website:
  • Limit the number of steps make forms less complicated 
  • Ask for only essential information 
  • Communicate value in form copy  
  • Add prefilling, use multi-page form rather than scrolling 
  • Add save and resume for complicated and long information  


  • Order process performance- To make sure your UX is fine, check for order process performance. Note how your order processing site part is performing (add-to-cart, product navigation, payment and check-out). All these parts of your order making process will decide what your customer will buy or leave the process in-between.


  • Store data backup- A regular and updated backup is a critical part of any online store maintenance. Protecting your sites from future threats or crashes should be the first step. Also, it should be performed as the last step of your maintenance tasks. You can perform it manually by exploring your fields and database or take help from any hosting provider. For way better website backup solutions, you can also enlist a Magento website development service.


  • Website content daily update- Yes, you try to make your content evergreen, but in this daily emerging field of technology, something gets outdated every day. Make sure you regularly update something on your website in terms of content. Also, ensure you follow the digital marketing guidance and Google algorithms.    


Now when you know all the critical processes of Magento maintenance service, you can’t perform each one of them every day, but at a particular time. In the next segment, we will segment these processes.

While going one step further, here is the checklist that you should follow, as Magento experts do.   


Checklist Categorisation (daily/monthly/yearly)

Daily maintenance checklist

  • Order and shipment tracking 
  • Visual inspection 
  • Regular eCommerce market updates 
  • Inbox inspection for messages and inquiries

Weekly maintenance checklist

  • Data backup
  • Content updates
  • Check and fix errors ASAP
  • Use different platforms to advertise your business
  • Check for out of stock products
  • Update new market Magento features

Monthly maintenance checklist 

  • Store security checkup 
  • Contact forms test 
  • Discount & promotional updates 
  • Magento store performance report tracking 
  • Page & website speed 
  • Service and products updates 
  • Contact with customers who decline your site

Yearly maintenance checklist

  • Monitor your competitors 
  • Make plans for the store
  • Unnecessary data & extension removal 
  • Account tracking 
  • Upgrade the eCommerce store 
  • Check for your strategies in the market 

Final tip!

Magento maintenance is a challenging task to perform, so make sure you have a good amount of knowledge or choose the best Magento team with expertise. At magePoint, we also provide Magento website maintenance services and carter everything your website might need.