use Amazon's Cloud for Magento hosting

In this giant world of e-commerce sites, it is an open fact that having only an e-commerce website is not enough to take off your online business. The speed and website performance are equally essential for any online business to be successful, as the online website is all about saving the time and efforts of your customers. If you have a strong e-commerce platform like Magento on the outstanding cloud like Amazon, it became easy to handle and optimise your e-commerce website.

There are so many qualities of AWS, which makes it a leading provider in the world of web hosting. Let’s shed light on some of those features of Amazon’s Cloud and reasons that, why you should choose it for Magento hosting.


Amazon web services are highly reliable because of the backup power, it supplies to protect your e-commerce website. The amazon service of EC2 level commits 99% uptime for every Amazon EC2 region, which is quite reflective when it comes to reliability.


Security is the topmost priority of every online business and amazon web services are the most secure hosting for any online store. Its secure cloud computing environment offers secured access, as Amazon Web Server has secure reports, data security, independent attestations, physical security, and certifications etc.


In the changing market of web stores, every function should be flexible, because it makes the program easy to handle. The API of Amazon web server has an all-new external database (RDS), load balancer and storage (NFS). Moreover, with the change in the type of server, you can fulfil the requirements of server power and memory.


Amazon web server is pocket-friendly, as it demands only for taken services and for the period you are running the service. In the condition of large scale Magento store, you can tune your server infrastructure according to traffic and other information. It’s not like other former web hostings, which demands 12 or 24 months subscription even if you are not using it at that time.


Amazon web servers have an amazing speed which provides it with the ability to perform better. Additionally, the large number of resources that are added by Amazon’s data centres, furnish it with fast and efficient management. The better security, flexibility, and reliability improves its performance at every stage.

It’s global

The data centres of Amazon helps you to target various locations of the world. The businesses which are planning to expand their stores globally can take a large advantage from this feature of Amazon AWS.

According to the research, nothing can be better than Amazon AWS, with its global data centres, and other outstanding features such as affordable pricing, flexibility, reliability, security, unbeatable performances. If you are still confused about AWS and want to know how it would be beneficial for your Magento hosting, we can help you with our expert team of Magento developers.