Top Magento eCommerce Trends Will Rule in 2020

This is no more a secret that most of the consumers prefer online shopping over buying from offline stores. And “The jumbo steps of offline business towards the online stores”- is a clear cut justification for it. Small or big, everyone wants to have a website. But is it enough to have a website? The answer is NO!

In this untold competition of eCommerce, the one who can ride well will only win the race. Now the question is how would you ride well? Of course, with the help of trendy hacks, on the right platform like Magento.

Magento eCommerce is an ideal platform to perform all these treading acts to your website so it can perform better. Let’s know about all those trendy facts that will work for you in 2020, scroll down:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots are on Spotlight- No matter what field it is, with AI you never miss the opportunity to showcase the sensational feel. In the case of eCommerce, AI and chatbots can play a crucial role as after quality nothing can be better than serving customers the real feel of the products, As humans have some time limit as compared to chatbots. These chatbots can be available for your visitors to chat with them for their product related queries.

Personalized Experience so customers can feel valuable- Magento can help you with the discounts and offers, that you can use to attract specific customers. It helps businesses to showcase their attention towards particular buyers, by providing them with a special gesture.

Smart searches- Offering smart searches on your website, will pave a path to your customer’s heart. These searches put your customers at ease by offering them a handy shopping experience from multiple products with their comfort and preference. Thus, the use of integrating different and effective search filters in the search window, can improve conversion rates and lead you towards happy customers.

Mobile-friendly design – The world is becoming borderless. And mobile phones have been upgraded with computing features along with the connectivity. Thus, several customers prefer to go handy with their day to day activities, such as shopping, paying bills etc. Considering this huge spread of mobile usage, online retailers are adopting the mobile trend i.e. mobile apps with a focused and effective mobile strategy with mobile-friendly features.


  • Increase the level of approachability
  • Seamless connection and interaction with customers
  • Build and enhance brand awareness etc.
  • Exceed customer expectations with chatbots

Push Notifications– The feature comes out as one of the expected and workable user engagement tools in the eCommerce market. Several communication channels such as SMS, email are a form of push notifications, to reach your customers regarding your promotions or offers. This activity is highly responsible to continuously grow an online store’s traffic and connect with both existing and new users.

Unique content with high-quality images- Even if you have designed your Magento store very beautifully and it has lots of features, still it won’t generate leads, If it doesn’t have meaningful content and attractive product images. It simply means creating quality user-centric content is essential to enhance the visibility and sales of your online business.

All these treads are just around the corner, as the future is already here. If you follow these trends and implement them, then you can be a dominator in the eCommerce industry with an enormous growth in conversion rate and sales. But if you don’t know how to do it? We are here to share experiences with the help of our Magento website development service.