magento 2 eCommerce Store Security

The market of online shopping is on fire, thus and so, if you are not providing the most preferable things (quality and security) to your customers, you can lose this eCommerce war in the shape of customers. We are talking about security in this article, which can take a lot from a business.

An unsecured website, especially the eCommerce website, can become a huge matter of concern for you and your customers. However, there is no doubt that Magento is a well tested and trusted platform of e-commerce but, there are no fewer cases of cybersecurity as well.

Here is the list of all those Magento security measures, from which you can secure your online eCommerce store in 2020 and even after that.

  • Immediately update your Magento website- As all security patches are resolved with its update, as announced in the new release of Magento. But it’s better if you update your site each time it comes with a new update request.
  • Use two-factor authentication- 2FA is an extension of Magento 2, which creates a layer of protection for your online website. The extension only allows the trustworthy device to access your online store, with the different 4 types of authenticators. Every time you log in to the admin panel, it asks for the code, which is directly accessible to your phone.
  • An encrypted SSL connection is important- Each time you send data through the unencrypted connection, there is a risk of hacking. To resolve this issue, you have to use a secure Magento connection, where you can get the secure HTTPS/SSL URL just by checking a tab.
  • Set a custom path for the admin panel- It helps your website to get hacked by the admin panel of your website, even if he has the password. With the help of a custom path, you can change the path of your site by editing the local.xml file.
  • Use secure FTA (file transfer protocol)- The most common method of hacking is- “By guessing the password”. If you want your website to be secure by this hack, then using a Secure file transfer protocol is the best idea. FTA uses a private key file for authenticators.
  • Be wise while choosing password- A password is that key, which can open the way to your website. As mentioned above-by guessing the password is the most common way to get hacked. In that case, it becomes important for you to make that guessing difficult by adding uppercase, lowercase alphabets and yeah don’t forget to add the special characters.
  • Directory indexing- With the help of this method, once you disable your directory indexing, you can hide some of the paths which travel towards the file, which is stored by the website domain. However, if the hacker knows the full path of your site, then you have to use another way of security.
  • Check out your email’s loopholes- With the help of emails, Magento provides its users with a great way of password recovery. But what if that email ID gets hacked, the whole data of your site, even the password, will be in the hands of hacks. In that case, you need to use a not-so-public email address for your Magento website.
  • Stay safe from MySQL- The attacks such as MySQL injection are usually made against the online stores. These attacks allow attackers to access almost all data of your website such as customer data, balance, transaction and more. But with Magento, you can add an extension such as a firewall.
  • Keep an eye on your Magento security- You need to get more than one security check of your Magento website in a year. The experts of Magento security will check all security loopholes.
  • Use Magento security extensions- The Magento extensions are full of various features of security, that ensure the security of your Magento online store. The extensions for security, which are provided by Magento 2, can be the best security measures for your website to protect it from cyber-crimes.

The extensions you can use such as Magento 2 security extension by Mageplaza, 2FA extension for Magento 2 by Aitoc, Security suite for Magento 2 by Amasty, Watchlog Pro for Magento 2 by WYOMIND etc.

  • Get ready with a backup plan- It’s great that you are talking about strict prevention’s but having a backup plan is also a smart idea. It can be both the hourly offsite backup plan and downloadable backup. These backups can help you after hack or website crashes, so you can save yourself from data loss.

So, whenever you run an eCommerce store, looking after the magento 2 eCommerce security should be your first concern, one simple security gap, and the direct loss of trust, traffic and sales flow.

Considering that this guide covers some of the essential and easy security measures, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to keep your portal protected from invaders. Also, ensure that you get in touch with only a trusted company that provides Magento 2 security service. So, move ahead and start implementing the security techniques so that you never have to face losses. Instead of that if you are searching for trusted experts, magePoint will love to help you.