Magento Opensource vs Magento Commerce

The search for a great web hosting service can take time especially when you’re looking for specific features that your website needs, at a price that fits your budget. Let’s say if you’re planning to set up an online store selling handcrafted trinkets like key chains and bracelets that you’ve made yourself. However, your budget is just enough for a website with less than twenty pages. So, you’ll want a cheap e-commerce web hosting plan, but with the right features for website security, credit card payments, and shopping cart management. Now that you know what you’re looking for, the process of finding a web hosting plan is now cut down in half.

When it comes to choosing between the platforms like Magento opensource and Magento e-commerce, it depends on the customer’s wish list or the type of website he wants.

Let’s compare these top platforms of Magento.

A small description-

  • Magento opensource- Previously known as Magento community edition it is a free open-source e-commerce platform whose core file can be implemented by developers. New extensions and plugins increase its functionality.
  • Magento Commerce- Formerly known as Magento Enterprise Edition which has the availability of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. The open-source platform can run on Amazon Web Service Cloud, which is customizable, secure and scalable.

Release date-

  • Magento opensource- It has been released in 2007 after developing and customizing the platform.
  • Magento Commerce- It released on 11 April 2016 with new updates.


  • Magento opensource- It is a free platform of e-commerce.
  • Magento Commerce- The pricing is included with Magento Commerce which is ranges from $22,000 to $125,000 per year. But it also includes security updates, special features and exclusive enhancements of products.

Business: whom to use?

  • Magento opensource- It is good to use for new business and startups
  • Magento Commerce- It suits the large business which requires an e-commerce portal.


  • Magento opensource- Latest 2.2.6 is available for download.
  • Magento Commerce- Latest 2.1 is available for download.


Magento opensource

  • It can have advantages from the Magento extensions marketplace.
  • Configurable switches are available for showcasing the attributes like colour, size, and fabric.
  • Various countries and stores can be added.
  • Targeted markets and brands are available at different prices.
  • A single Magento installation is enough for payment and content systems.

Magento Commerce

  • Have multiple websites and e-commerce stores on just one installation.
  • It supports various payment solutions such as PayPal and amazon pay.
  • To manage and process the orders it has comprehensive order flow.
  • It manages the settings according to language, tax, and currency of the customer’s location.
  • Multiple options, swatches, bundles, and structuring catalogue create complex products.
  • Registered and unregistered auditions can be targeted as they view or add products to buckets.
  • It can create time limit sales and specific member’s sales.
  • Specially designed split database performance solution, improve the scalability and provides flexibility to edition.
  • Elasticsearches allow you to improve the default searches and quicken the performance.


  • Magento opensource- It extent the ownership
  • Magento Commerce- It provides all the flexibility of open-source platforms without any limitation of multitendency.


  • Magento opensource- it does not come with a secure payment bridge.
  • Magento Commerce- it comes with a better security solution and features like PA-DSS.


  • Magento opensource- Do not provide any support form with the expert community.
  • Magento Commerce- Ensure 24*7 technical support


  • Magento opensource- Deployment is slow and updates can not be updated.
  • Magento Commerce- Deployment and upgrades are 3 times faster.

No doubt Magento open source is a free edition with some of the features for startups. But when it comes to building an enterprise of your dreams, Magento Commerce comes up with all needed features and to take advantage of these features properly, all you need is an expert team of Magento professionals. The experts can guild you in the right direction for your dream project.