Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace

The continual rise of online sales in the last decade became the major reason to create an e-commerce store. In the track of this e-commerce boom, many platforms have registered a tremendous presence but the jaw-dropping features of Magento it’s Magento Multi-vendor marketplace extension makes it the best solution to manage seller orders.

What is Multi-vendor marketplace

The multi-vendor marketplace is an extension of Magento to expand your business. It gives the same benefits as the big shopping houses such as Amazon provide you. This means one can sell their various products from a single store like an online shopping mall. Where’s

  • The admin is just like a mall owner.
  • The vendors of the website are the shop keepers.
  • The sellers are the shoppers.
  • But it’s not as costly as to buy a place in a shopping mall as it’s online and even many of these are free without any price tag.

How the multi-vendor marketplace works for vendors

  • When you use Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension it allows your chosen vendors to display their respective logs. You can also select multiple no. of vendors who can use your site as a platform to sell their products.
  • Multi-vendor marketplace allows the selected vendors that he or she can easily set the details of their products such as product images (with the help of CSV file upload) and product links.
  • The vendor gets install and payment updates of the client products.
  • The seller can also update the availability of his product stock on the webpage.

How the multi-vendor marketplace works for buyers

  • The buyer can check out the whole profile of the seller before placing the orders.
  • The buyers are free to compare the products and to provide reviews to the products.
  • The buyers also can check the availability of the required product.

How the multi-vendor marketplace works for admins

  • As an admin, you can control and set the commissions or percentage you are getting from different vendors by choosing the basis of product type, customer group, products or category.
  • Admin can control the reviews written by the customers as he can read them, that if it’s worth displayed on the site or not.
  • Admin can disapprove of the selected vendor if he is not appropriated, just within a click.
  • Admin can invite more sellers to the site.

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