Magento 2 Guest To Customer Auto Signup Extension

Facing a high cart abandonment rate because of complex checkout procedures? It’s time to look for an alternative.

Ensuring a superb customer journey is essential for any online retailer and the checkout process is the final step of this journey. No one likes to spend time filling out long forms before being able to place an order. The easier your checkout process, the more the chances of conversion.

By default, Magento offers a step-by-step checkout process which is time-consuming and requires mandatory signup for customers. However, studies show that up to 87% of customers leave an eCommerce store with a complex checkout process.

Presenting Magento 2 Guest To Customer Auto Signup Extension

The experts at magePoint understood the need and came up with a solution that eases the checkout process for your Magento 2 store. We have prepared an exclusive extension that serves this purpose.

Magento 2 Guest To Customer Auto Signup is an extension that enables your customers to quickly place orders by effectively restricting registration requirements. This tool will significantly improve your Magento store’s conversion rate by easing the checkout process. It automatically creates accounts for users who purchased as a guest.

Key Features-

  1. Auto Account Creation during Guest Checkout

    Sometimes customers are reluctant to go through the tedious process of account creation. By installing Magento 2 Guest to Customer Auto Signup extension, they can initiate orders without creating accounts. If your customers choose to checkout as guests, our extension automatically creates an account for them after checkout.

  2. Notifies Guest Users about Account Creation through email

    You don’t need to worry about informing guest users about account creation as our extension does that for you. Once the users checkout as guests, our extension instantly delivers their account details including system-generated passwords via email. This ensures that the guest user can log in effortlessly when they come back to your store.

  3. Assign Previous Orders Placed under the same email

    Our extension lets you assign previous orders to the newly created account. Magento 2 Guest To Customer Auto Signup extension automatically places all orders against the same registered email even when the user forgets to log in while placing the order.

  4. Dedicated Backend grid to ease Account Management

    The admin can seamlessly manage guest-to-customer operations using the backend grid provided with this extension. The best part is that the admin can import and convert multiple guest accounts into customer accounts simultaneously. This eases the account management process and increases your efficiency.

As an eCommerce store owner, you must focus on customer satisfaction. The mandatory account creation process is lengthy and customers might end up leaving your website because of it.

This is where you need Magento 2 Guest to Customer Auto Signup extension as it eases the checkout process and guest account management. Once your customers experience a swift checkout, your sales would likely increase.

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