Top Magento Development Companies In the UK

Magento is currently the leading eCommerce development platform as it offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their online channels. It facilitates order management, product browsing, international trading, and hassle-free checkouts. Magento lets you design an attractive and robust website that gives a steady push to your overall sales.

However, dealing with Magento’s complexities is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s when you need to hire Magento Development Company for assistance. If you browse the internet for help, you will come across a pool of companies offering Magento services. To save you time, we have brought a list of top Magento Development Companies. Let us have a look at these companies-

  1. Magebit

    Magebit is a professional Magento development company established in 2014. It is a one-stop destination for all your Magento development needs and is known for delivering unique solutions that help you increase ROI. You get everything right from the strategy to the maintenance phase of your Magento store at Magebit. The best part is its immense global presence which it built by serving over 29 countries. Magebit has a long list of satisfied clients including, Hargrove Cycles, Kinetics, Volkswagen, and many more.

  2. Onilab

    Onilab is a well-established Magento Development Company with over 7 years of expertise known for delivering supreme Magento services. It has a dedicated team of 50+ Magento-certified developers who assure that you get the most engaging Magento solution. Onilab has also worked with major Fortune 500 companies and earned appreciation for their continuous efforts to deliver the best. This professional Magento agency assures that you get intuitive websites that will improve your conversion rates and boost your sales. Robert Allen,, Bright Star Kids, and Solobay BrandBags are some of the popular clients served by Onilab.

  3. magePoint

    magePoint is one of the finest Magento Development Companies that offers top-notch services in the UK and around the world. It boasts a technically advanced team of 40+ Magento full-stack developers who use the latest technologies & trends to design outstanding eCommerce solutions. Opt for magePoint to get next-level customized Magento stores that perfectly portray your business goals. Their experts have in-depth Magento knowledge, enabling them to provide useful insights to improve your store’s performance. Top clients served by magePoint include Somerset & Wood, Checkworks, Bargain Buyz, Presco, and Dermacare.

  4. Emizentech

    We end our list with another top-performing Magento Development Company, Emizentech. If you want a professional website for your business, it is one of the most suitable options for you. Emizentech holds a dedicated team of certified Magento experts having over a decade of experience and thus furnish premier Magento solutions that enhances customer satisfaction. The team has adequate knowledge about Magento complications and knows how to efficiently deal with them. Rebellious, Hair2Heart, and Brick Salvage are some of the top clients of Emizentech.

Tips to Choose the Best Magento Companies in UK for Your Enterprise

  • You must outline your requirements and communicate your ideas clearly to the third-party provider to brief them about what needs to be done.
  • Always prefer leading Magento Development Companies for your project and do verify the certifications of their experts and their partnership with Magento.
  • While picking a suitable Magento partner, you must go through the customer reviews posted on their website as well as on Google.
  • Security is a major concern for eCommerce businesses and you must sign an NDA before starting to work with a third-party company.
  • You must remain in direct contact with your Magento partners to convey suggestions or to give feedback.

Developing an online store from scratch is a tough job and that’s when you must rely on the experts. When you look for a suitable Magento Development Company on the web, you will come across countless options. We hope this comprehensive guide briefed you on the top Magento Development Companies and their prowess zones. Stay connected with us for more informative & interesting Magento blogs.

Why magePoint should be your go-to option?

magePoint is one of the best Magento Development Companies with over 9 years of expertise. Our dedicated team of excellent Magento developers understands your requirement and utilize the latest technology to design your Magento store. We have served different parts of the world like the USA, UK, India, and Australia and developed a magnificent worldwide presence.

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