Magento eCommerce Business

Magento Business Intelligence is a comprehensive data analytics solution specifically designed to aid enterprises to extract value from data as well as ramp up their business further. The potent tool consolidates Magento extensions, third-party solutions as well as the data from the database to deliver useful analytics insight to take your business on an upward curve.

Features of Magento BI

  • It enables you to retrieve data straight from your Customer Relationship Database. It is not necessary to import anything.
  • It monitors customer behavior. This enables you to identify which channel will deliver a high return on investment.
  • It is highly customizable. It can be aligned to suit your business requirements. It has the ability to integrate your business systems with itself.
  • As it is cloud based you can log in from any geographical location.
  • It stores critical data from diverse sources in a single location for easy access.
  • It permits you to define your preferred metrics with the facility of receiving automatically updated reports.

How Magento BI can aid ecommerce businesses

  • Leveraging Magento BI can enable your ecommerce business to obtain fresh customers. The insights that it provides you in the field of customer behavior helps you identify the places there are relatively larger profit margins. This will help you make informed decisions on product categories. You will be able to choose categories that have a relatively higher profit based on the insights provided above.
  • It can support the management in the latter’s effort to retain repeat customers. Managers can analyze the data produced to identify which customers are responsive and ramp up revenue. This way BI contributes to relatively higher business efficiency.
  • For those ecommerce enterprises that make use of ads, Magento BI can help ramp up their efficiency. Ecommerce enterprises that have harnessed Magento BI have realized up to 70% increase in ad efficiency.
  • Magento BI can also be leveraged the improve decision making in ecommerce businesses. Decisions are reported to be fivefold faster thanks to Magento BI. This is possible due to the integration of the BI tool with all sorts of data from the enterprise.
  • Advantages of Business Analytics for Magento B2B Marketing
  • B2B enterprises have specific requirements when it comes to harnessing data. Magento BI provides data-driven dashboards for B2B merchants.
  • Enable multiple opportunities for enterprise commerce
  • Attract, Convert and Retain Clients
  • Save resources in terms of time and money with advanced analytics insights.