artificial intelligence can revolutionize Magento

Many ecommerce stores are powered by Magento. The popularity of the latter is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Though the artificial intelligence technology was relatively primitive in the past with the passage of time it has matured. Leveraging artificial intelligence has the potential to make Magento even more potent as well as powerful. We look at ways how the power of AI makes Magento more effective.

Virtual shopping assistants

Chatbots or virtual shopping assistants are a manifestation of AI that transforms as well as improves the online shopping experience. These intelligent virtual assistants inform the shoppers regarding the discounts offered and new products and/or services. The former also respond to customer’s queries as well as complaints. Experts predict that chatbots will fully take over the role of customer care in the near future as they work as well or even better than human customer care personnel.

Staves off frauds

Accepting payments and monetary transactions are major activities for ecommerce businesses. AI has the ability to detect fraudulent activities even in a clutter of transactions. Synergistic AI with Magento prevents frauds in an effective as well as seamless manner. Marrying AI with Magento results in superior precision as well as augmentation when bench marked against the human brain. There is a stellar judgement of behavioral as well as purchasing patterns. The dependency on human intervention is brought down resulting in minimal time expended to identify fraudulent transactions.

Targeted user experience

User experience determines success in the e-commerce arena as customers prefer to choose the vendors who provide them with the right information at the right time. Leveraging machine learning as well as cognitive computing, AI collects the big data of several users and employs it to craft targeted user experiences that compel customers to shop.

Enabling a seamless shopping experience

Currently, both B2B and B2C customers prefer Magento because of its advanced search options as well as an array of customized extensions. However, with AI’s sophisticated context-based search, store navigation becomes swifter and much more user-friendly. Now Natural Language Processing(NLP) will power semantics keywords search.

Personalization of mobile shopping

Mobile-only apps deliver a seamless user experience that users now expect. With time better presentation and processing of data will enhance the mobile shopping experience. AI will help personalize the mobile shopping experience by leveraging personal data of users and display items based on past requirements, preferences, budget and geographical location.