While most of us are familiar with B2C, B2B is different. The manner in which B2B customers order and the frequency is different from B2C customers. As per survey data, 93% of B2B purchasers favour online purchasing facilities and to make purchases directly from vendors. The demand is for a simple and intuitive online shopping process that can be comparable with B2C. If you don’t offer the same experience other players in the market will. Magento is just the platform to catapult your B2B business to the next level.

Shorter cycle to sell products

B2B demands an efficient online ordering system more than a good shopping experience. Magento provides a short and efficient method to buy items. Time is saved for both the seller and purchaser. The purchase process is simplified resulting in returning customers.

Offers ease of customization and integration

Magento is open source. Hence it can be customized as well as integrated with other systems. Sellers find it easier to customize their site to their exact requirements. Thanks to Magento you can have a B2B site which is both efficient and reflects your needs.

Leverages business intelligence

Magento comes with search as well as navigation tools that make it simple for prospective buyers to find what they want to in the site and search for the items they desire. The platform gives customers options taking their previous browsing habits and preferences into account.

SEO friendly

Using Magento the B2B site ranks higher in search engine results. This results in more prospective customers noticing the site resulting in more business.

Provide discounts and credit

B2B process is different from B2C. Magento helps give discounts if certain products are ordered in bulk. Old customers are also given better deals than new customers. Also, certain customers are allowed to make partial payments or given credit. The whole process is automated thanks to Magento which keep old customers loyal and pull in new customers. More customers means increased business which translates to more revenue as well as profits.

Responsive design

Today B2B eCommerce customers want to purchase on the go. They want anywhere anytime purchasing facility. Magento is a fully responsive platform and sites developed using it work well on any device. Today the trend is to use smartphones for shopping. Thanks to Magento the B2B site works seamlessly on mobile devices making shopping an easy and pleasant experience.