Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence is a state-of-the-art data analytics tool for eCommerce. It supplies valuable insights that businesses require about promotions, customers as well as products. The following are some of the features.

Mature Tool for eCommerce Business

Business analysis is necessary for all business activities particularly for eCommerce enterprises. Magento Business Intelligence has sophisticated tools to implement an in-depth analysis of your enterprise’s data.

Advanced Dashboard for B2B Merchants

Magento has expertise in every aspect of eCommerce. Employing this knowledge, they have come up with useful dashboards for the B2B merchants. They realize what kind of data is necessary as well as will help your enterprise. That data is put at your fingertips by Magento 2 Business Intelligence.

Seamless Integrations with 3rd Party Services

Magento Business Intelligence is built to integrate with APIs as well as 3rd party data sources. Enterprises can leverage these integrations to achieve much more than what was possible in the past.

Old techniques were not convenient

To identify fresh growth opportunities in eCommerce enterprises, require much more than simply web traffic data as well as transaction records. It is not an easy task to study customer behaviour through many different data sources as well as formats. The need of the hour is business intelligence to analyze the important customers, products as well as promotions and share useful insights across the enterprise.

The reasons to leverage business analytics

Data is valuable. Enterprises employing analytics are 5 times more likely to arrive at swifter as well as better informed decisions. On many occasions we are ignorant about which KPIS are to be employed to ramp up business productivity. Even in a sole enterprise different teams employ different data. Magento Business Intelligence empowers merchants with consistency which they can introduce across their enterprise.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Via Magento Business Intelligence all customers’ behaviour can be tracked. Also, the most important customers can be pinpointed and enterprises can come to know of channels that deliver the highest return on investment made. As a result, businesses can implement data-driven decisions to make the shopping experience better, design targeted campaigns as well as know how to invest money to get optimum results.

One of the reasons why Magento is so widely used is the high customizability it offers. Using Business Intelligence enterprises can

  • make use of the user-friendly interface
  • restrict what metrics is visible to other users
  • store all the important data from multiple sources in a central repository that can be accessed from any place you are located in
  • define the metrics enterprises desire to have along with automatically updated reports.

The main metrics Magento Business Intelligence empowers are:

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Segmented data for personalization
  • Top Performing Channels
  • Cohort Analysis