Searching for the best Magento 2 extensions? The more you will search the more you get confused. Everyone is here to sell their products. And as a time server Magento website development company, we like to make it easy for you.

We understand it’s not only important for owners but developers, to have the finest in the bucket. And if you choose the most desirable extensions, it will make work easy for us too.

Now if you successfully migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2, it’s time to collect the extensions now. But if you are not migrated yet, we recommend you do it ASAP.

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Let’s come back to the Magento 2 extension now, and know how to choose the best of them.

How to choose the most desirable M 2 extensions?

  • Check for all things & stars-

There are many things to see rather than just stars. The most crucial one you should check for reviews. Read them carefully and then make any decision for your business. Also, don’t forget to take expert opinion and professional tips. Assure you don’t download any random plugin or extension, as it can lead you towards security issues.

  • Money counts-

If you ask for the free versions of the Magento 2 extension, we say there are many. But when it comes to choosing between free or paid, we won’t let you ride on the wrong side.

Free extensions can never grow you the way a paid one can. While you buy a paid version it’s kind of an investment that will make you count the success.

  • Rapid customer support-

To tackle the adverse time, it’s important you choose an extension with rapid customer support. So make sure the extension you are paying for has an expert side team to pull you up in times of downs.

  • Regular update-

For a growing business, it’s important you keep moving with trends. And for that, your Magento site and extension need to be updated.

We understand it’s difficult to choose the best according to your business needs, and that’s why we have created the best for you.

Our finest Magento 2 extensions-

We analyze the current needs of eCommerce customers and developed these M2 extensions to uplift online stores.

Magento 2 order share and details

This M 2 extension of magePoint allows your users to customize the order success page. With this, you can control the order-related information visibility that shows on the success page once customer checkout. Also, with its order sharing feature, users can manage order sharing via social networks.

Magento 2 delete ordersTo delete unwanted data such as invoices, orders, shipments & credit memos, Delete Order Extension is the best solution. The extension makes it done for multiple fields at the same time. With its handy features, it is so easy now to clear the unwanted data from the backend.

Magento 2 Indian GST extension

This Magento 2 extension is specially designed to ease GST-related rules and regulations of the Indian government. Now you can generate GST splits such as IGST, CGST, SGST in various formats. Also, including orders, PDFs, invoices & reports make work flawlessly.

Other than that, when it comes to eCommerce transactions across various categories and products it is perfect to use. It can help you to set GST with various tax slabs on online stores can be easily done.

Magento 2 Pincode and code delivery checker extension

This Magento extension works to help website users to check for shipping availability and COD in that particular area. And all this is done in an automated system. Also, it can restrict the payment methods for checkout pages and update block title/heading. It can also work with any third party one-page checkout extension and many more.

M2 auto account creation while guest check out the extension

When you don’t need any registration and password requirements, buyers can rapidly fill in or finish checkout in only one step. This Magento2 extension is one of the most effective and unique solutions for online stores. It takes care of the goal conversion rate and boosts the shopping experience on another level. Also, it automatically creates a customer account as a guest in the store.

Collect the best for your Magento site!

At magePoint, we have the best of the range of Magento 2 extensions for you. which have the potential to make work easy for you and your customers. What you have to do is visit magePoint product page and choose accordingly after understanding the features.

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