Magento AWS hosting

To create a potent eCommerce store, Magento hosting is trusted by thousands of retailers & businesses. The fast, fully-featured, and scalable platform, Magneto is one the most secure ones to rely upon. And when it comes to running it on a comprehensive cloud hosting, AWS (Amazon web services) is what makes it complete. The powerful duo is known as Magento AWS hosting.

Magneto is the perfect software to build an eCommerce store. However, to get the best, only having the perfect software is not a solution. An optimized hosting like Amazon Web Hosting provides its utmost. It has the best infrastructure to host, which offers complete, secure, and flexible cloud computing to millions of active customers. Especially if you’re an online store merchant, AWS is what is necessary for growing well.

Why use Amazon web hosting rather than others?

  • Using shared hosting in place AWS for eCommerce stores can lead you towards low reliability and performance.
  • A protective and smart website is both possible if you have a Magento store on Amazon web hosting.
  • AWS offers a scalable, secured, and optimized platform, which is not possible with other hosting.
  • It serves a reliable deal of cost-effectiveness, flexibility and many more.
  • AWS is the most trustable when it hosts an eCommerce store as it’s also hosting Worlds’ Number One eCommerce Store- AMAZON.

How Magento AWS hosting enhances eCommerce performance?

  • Magento AWS hosting fulfils the demand for space, power, and memory of growing Magento stores. And with the help of AWS, you are just a click away to change the type of instance business goals and handle Gangetic traffic load.
  • Magento AWS hosting, don’t let you wait for 48 to 96 hours, as old-age hosters, as it offers everything instantly.
  • AWS hosting offers the depending cost of usages, so you only pay for the part of required storage.
  • Amazon’s services serve all types of security measures such as architected, unauthorized preventions, storage safety.

Ways to set up Magento on AWS-

  1. Download a Magento stack from the marketplace
  2. Launch EC2 instance on AWS with further adjustment
  3. Set up Magento on AWS using the full cloud capacities extent

Easy way to install Magento on AWS-

The easiest and simple path to set up Magento on AWS server is “by managing Magento hosting”. But the question arises how would you manage that, well explaining them here will only end up like a technical book chapter.

So, we only suggest you look for someone to manage your server security and faster optimization performance. Roll down and know-how we can help?

Why choose magePoint as the Magento AWS hosting service?

Magento AWS hosting, Magento 2 AWS hosting, Magento cloud hosting, Secure AWS cloud computing, and speed optimization, magePoint serves them all. Additionally, you will get the following advantages too. fast page loads- Magento AWS hosting is a perfect platform to get a good to go online store. However, if you have professionals on your side, you can get the 2-second page load speed for desirable results. And at magePoint, we help businesses to grow faster with the fast speed of the site.

2.Support- Tech support comes as the bonus advantage of having AWS hosting services by magePoint. We offer seamless, round the clock technical support to our clients and is available 24×7 with Live Chat and Ticketing systems.

3.One-click operations- With the help of magePoint, you can conveniently manage your cloud servers and apps. We will help you to carry out multiple tasks with just a few clicks, making the deployment process considerably easy and rapidly.

4.Security- Being a time-severed hosting platform, magePoint serves unmatched security measures to your online store. We follow various security approaches such as regular security updates, fully-integrated certificate authorities.

Choose us and get an enhanced performer site!

When we have peeled up all the features and benefits of the Magento and AWS hosting duo, it’s high time for an eCommerce owner to choose AWS for the Magento site. And enjoy its bucketful of benefits.

At magePoint, we have been serving these benefits with technical support to our clients for more than six years. And if you are also looking for a trustful Magento AWS hosting service partner, we are a click/call away, request a quote now!