Hire Best Magento 2 Developer

If you are planning to start an online store, try Magento. It is one of the best open-source eCommerce platforms with built-in PHP to create eCommerce websites like Nike, Samsung, etc. Magento is in close contention with WooCommerce & Shopify, all of which powers thousands of online stores. As of today, Magento powers approximately 2.3% of all eCommerce stores on the internet.

As good as the platform is, you cannot expect to master it overnight and create your store from scratch. Since it involves crucial components like payment gateway, we suggest hiring Magento 2 developers to help you.

The problem with that is that there are hundreds of developers to choose from. We understand your plight and have come up with some crucial factors you need to consider hiring the best Magento 2 developer for your project.

Understand Your Needs

It starts with the basics, and that is your need. Plan what you need from your store so that you can communicate that clearly to the developer. After that, it is their responsibility to handle installation, configuration, integration, audits & testing.

Approaching without a plan could give them the upper hand in negotiations, resulting in you paying more or nodding to additions that you didn’t need.

Shop for the Right Skills

A Magento 2 developer is like an artist. Each one has a different way of approaching a problem, which makes it essential to shop for the right skills.

Do you want one that helps you create a visually pleasing and interactive website? Then you should prefer developers who have more experience in front-end Magento. Likewise, seek the skills that will turn your concept into a reality.

Certification & Experience

The general rule of thumb is to put more faith in the ones that have relevant certification and experience to back their claim.

Relying on inexperienced developers could shift your pre-agreed deadlines. The key is to look beyond the sheer number of completed projects and dive a little further.

References & Reviews

Ask for references for previous projects and see if they have completed anything similar to the one you are requesting. Studying them can let you in on a lot about the developer. Their work, finishing, and post-project care are reflected in their portfolio.

Excellent reviews separate the amazing ones from the average developers. Look for a repeated trait and see if it matches your requirement. For example, if many of their reviews mention they completed the project on/before the deadline, it means you can trust them with a project on a tight launch schedule.

Give a Sample Task

What better way to gauge a developer’s skill set than by giving them a sample task? Upgrade, migration, integration, choose any of the tasks you need to be handled later and offer a part of it as a sample task.

This is the perfect opportunity to observe their working style and see if it’s what you are looking for. Do they communicate well? Did they complete the task on time? Is it working properly? The answers to all these questions (and more) could clear many of your doubts.

The right Magento 2 developer can make your life easy. Confused about which way to go? Put your faith in magePoint. We have a team of developers with 8+ years of experience who are 100% dedicated to providing secure code and customer satisfaction.

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