Adobe Commerce For eCommerce Store

The eCommerce world has seen great advancement as new technologies keep showing up. No enterprise today can reach its goals unless its eCommerce store is performing well. It provides ample benefits such as a wider customer base, lower cost, speed & flexibility, and targeted marketing.

For any online store, customer experience is the basis of its popularity and profitability. It is not easy to ensure a great customer experience for any website. That is where Magento, a highly robust and powerful eCommerce platform comes to the rescue. Magento Commerce has now merged with Adobe Experience Manager to form Adobe Commerce. This amalgamation provides you with the benefits of both platforms.

Let us now discuss the advantages of using Adobe Commerce for any eCommerce store:

  • Live Search

You can fail to keep track of opportunities if your website lacks proper site navigation. Sometimes customers can not locate a particular product on your website and it makes them leave it. In order to avoid such scenarios, Adobe Commerce provides you with a ‘Live Search’ option. The live search option lets your customers find anything they are looking for and offer them ‘search-as-you-type results’. If your website already has a product recommendation feature, you can enforce the live search using the same product catalogue metadata.

  • Content Management

One of the most useful features of Adobe Commerce is its magnificent Page Builder. Content Management and modification of web pages can be easily performed using the Page Builder. It allows you to build customized landing pages, product pages, and FAQs sections through its ‘drag and drop’ elements feature. Hence, the need for hiring developers to create, edit, or modify web pages is eliminated. Adobe Commerce’s Page Builder provides you with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience. Moreover, it also limits the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as the need to employ experts for content management is no longer needed.

  • B2B Compatibility

Any eCommerce store must get prepared for the B2B model because as per Global News Wire, this operation is expected to grow by more than 18% each year until 2028. However, it’s more complicated to scale a B2B model as compared to its counterpart, B2C. To enrich the user experience for the B2B operation of your eCommerce store, you need a completely different set of features and tools. Adobe Commerce provides you with profuse eCommerce functionalities such as Multi-channel order management, Fast ordering, Custom Pricing, Large catalogues, Multi-channel order management, Price Negotiations, and Support for orders and workflows. Hence, you are not required to integrate any 3rd party web development platforms for such business models in Adobe Commerce.

  • Product Recommendations

Product Recommendation is an indispensable aspect of any eCommerce store. It is the only way to retarget and remind the customers to buy their favourite products. These products are recommended based on the users’ data such as previous search history, products added to wishlist, order history, products viewed, etc. Giant eCommerce stores such as Amazon earn 70% of their revenues with the help of this feature. That’s why, it becomes important to make use of this amazing feature in your eCommerce stores.

  • Mobile Responsive

Smartphones are taking the internet and its benefits to the next level. People are reluctant to search online using their desktops for one reason or another. More than half of the internet users prefer mobile phones to surf the internet. That’s why you need to focus more on the mobile phone compatibility of your eCommerce store. Adobe Commerce provides you with PWA Studio that will help you build a mobile app-like website. Creating a mobile-friendly website using Adobe Commerce’s Progressive Web Application (PWA) is way cheaper than making a custom mobile application.

Adobe Commerce provides your website with almost everything you need to manage and scale your eCommerce store. It helps you improve the customer experience of your website.

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