Headless Commerce

Did you know over 26.5 million eCommerce sites are currently operating worldwide?

Delivering an exceptional user experience & uniform shopping experience across different platforms is the need of the hour in this competitive world. Being an eCommerce brand, you must stay updated with the latest technology trends and implement the same to fulfill this purpose.

However, adapting to these trends demands developing an apt backend solution. This is where Headless Commerce comes into play.

What is Headless Commerce?

As you must be aware the eCommerce architecture comprises two primary components- the front end and the back end.

The front end is generally responsible for store designs and user experience whereas, the back end accounts for website data & operations. Generally, eCommerce stores work in a monolithic structure, wherein both the front end and back end work together.

In contrast, in a Headless Commerce setup, the front end is deliberately decoupled from your site’s backend in the eCommerce architecture and instead, an API is injected to connect them. This proposes a new way of development that offers more flexibility and agility.

Advantages of Headless Commerce

  • Unleash Personalized Customer Experience & Maximize Conversions

    Headless commerce empowers you to deliver next-level personalized customer experience. Admin can smoothly make changes to the content layer without bothering the underlying infrastructure as the front end is effectively decoupled from the back end. Headless architecture promotes faster delivery of content via API, resulting in better customer experience. Moreover, it provides comprehensive customer information to retailers allowing them to create more personalized offers and ultimately increasing conversions.

  • Ease of Integration

    Third-party software or platform integration is a tedious process in the monolithic structure. On the other hand, the headless setup is encrypted with API that facilitates hassle-free communication between platforms and encourages seamless data connections and transfers. It allows you to relish unlimited possibilities of how you manage data and overcome underlying restrictions. You can freely integrate the platform without worrying about its impact on the user experience as it is separated from the backend.

  • Consistent User Experience

    It hardly matters what channel customers use to access your site, they expect a uniform user experience, and providing them with the same gives you a competitive advantage. Although monolithic architecture does feature some omnichannel capabilities, it lacks a few sales channels. On the contrary, Headless Commerce empowers developers to design a front end for every new digital sales channel whenever needed. By unifying all customer information, it lets you deliver a consistent user experience across different platforms.

  • Relish Faster Time to Market

    Customer preferences are pliable and can transform overnight. This is a big concern for eCommerce store owners as it does not give them sufficient time to adapt to new technologies. However, with Headless solutions, you can effortlessly launch numerous sites across different brands and portfolios in no time. Adapting to the latest technologies is also easier with Headless as it offers unlimited flexibility.

It depicts that Headless Commerce helps you overcome the limitations of the default Magento. This innovative approach offers more flexibility and agility in designing your eCommerce website. It facilitates delivering personalized and uniform user experience across multiple platforms while integrating third-party software with ease. Headless Commerce has become a crucial investment in the eCommerce world as it lets you stay ahead of your competitors and encourages faster adaption to ever-changing market trends.

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