5 Must-Have Magento Extensions

Did you know that the feature-rich Magento platform is downloaded over 5,000 times a day?

Magento is one of the most reliable and effective eCommerce platforms. The higher scope of scalability and flexibility it offers has led to its immense popularity. Regardless of the platform you pick, having the right extensions is critical.

Extensions are packages of codes responsible for achieving specific functionality in Magento. It ensures an enhanced user experience and streamlines the sales process.

Let’s now see some top-notch Magento extensions that will help you take your eCommerce store to the next level-

  • ReloadSEO 

Online visibility is critical for an eCommerce store, as customers won’t be willing to scroll down through all the sites listed on the search results. They are more likely to visit only the top ones on the SERP while looking for a product. Hence, a neat trick to attract more organic traffic is to improve your SEO.

Reload SEO is an effective plugin that lets you manage different SEO elements through a user-friendly dashboard. It is loaded with intriguing features like Keyword and backlink tracking and offers an advanced content analysis algorithm that promotes live feedback. Moreover, you get notified each time your website encounters an SEO issue.

  • Elastic Search Pro

    The inability of customers to find what they’re looking for is the primary reason for the higher bounce rate of your website. The default search bar on Magento lacks advanced search options that negatively impact your site’s performance.

    The Elastic Search Pro by magePoint lets you deliver an enhanced search experience by allowing your customers to search for products using their category, SKU, Name, etc. It comes with autocomplete search suggestion functionality, which displays relevant products along with their prices as soon as the user starts typing.

  • LiveChat Support

    Customers might face issues or need assistance with products while browsing your online store. Magento, by default, doesn’t allow admins to address the problems buyers face.

    Since it is crucial to address those to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, businesses turn to Chatbot technology. It has gained a positive response from the customers, as they get spontaneous solutions to all their problems. By incorporating chatbot technology, LiveChat Support promotes customer service. Furthermore, you get detailed reports and visitor information, which makes tracking chat activity easier.

  • Guest to Customer Auto Signup

    Tedious checkout procedures increase cart abandonments in your eCommerce store. Customers are least interested in wasting twhenever they face an issueheir time filling out long forms to log in before placing an order.

    Guest to Customer Auto Signup is an exclusive extension developed by magePoint that enables your customers to checkout with a guest account. It restricts mandatory account creation for customers while placing orders and allows them to finish checkout swiftly. After a successful checkout, the user gets notified about their order details along with login credentials via email.

  • Yopto Loyalty and Referrals

    What attracts customers the most when they shop online?

    58.7% of users believe that earning loyalty points and rewards is something that they look forward to.

    Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals is an extensive Magento 2 extension that enables users to create customized loyalty and referral programs. Yopto has managed to power/p more than 1,000 customer loyalty and referral programs and effectively boost the ROI of businesses. This extension builds brand value and promotes customer acquisition.<>

These robust extensions provide numerous benefits that can help you boost sales and customer satisfaction. From optimizing site speed to improving SEO, offering personalized search recommendations, and simplifying checkout, these extensions assist in transforming your store. So if you’re looking to take your Magento store to the next level, be sure to check out these extensions and give your customers the best possible shopping experience.

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