Magento 2 extension

Extensions! Why should I use them? A Magento 2 website owner with these questions; is quite acceptable. After buying a power-packed and ready-to-use Magento platform, the need for extensions sounds confusing. Why would a full-fledged platform require extensions? As a proficient Magento Development Company, we can explain.

A quarter-million of e-commerce websites rely upon Magento. However, there are several confusions about extensions. It is because; each extension can make a lot of various impacts. And not choosing the right one for the right purpose can restrict their way of effortless serving.

To know both the requirements and the importance of Magento extensions, keep moving, start with short learning of extensions.

Quick insight on extension-

A small software program that can customize the browsing experience is known as extension. It enables users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences. Extensions built on, web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

If you’re a business owner and looking to buy Magento 2 extensions for your e-commerce store, we have put together some guidelines for you, take a look.

How to choose the best e-commerce Magento extensions?

1. Check compatibility

Not every extension is compatible with your store, so check wisely. You can also check for offered themes, banners and categories. It will help you to know whether they work with your store or not.

Check the extension versions you have used before. Know their types, before integrating a new one. It’s because if it is not compatible, you might not be able to integrate it well. Moreover, your website may break down.

2. Confirm developer authenticity

Developing Magento Extensions is not a child’s play. It goes through many stages while developing. It includes analysis, design, testing and implementation.

An extension development website can give you a fair idea on extension quality. You can also write to developers about the queries and get your doubts clear.

3. Go through reviews & testimonials

Product reviews can help a lot. It gives you an idea as to whether you should invest in the extension or not. If you have decided to buy from a particular firm, you can also ask for a list of clientele. And speak to them personally about their experiences of using the product.

You can also check the testimonials on the Magento Connect marketplace where you can get genuine reviews. Additionally, check for the popularity score, and judge better.

4. Customer support

There are times when you bought an extension, and it doesn’t work as it should be. It can because of many reasons, such as due to a bug. Rember, this can affect your sales to a great extent. During such times, what you need the most is fast and reliable support. So make sure you buy from them who provide quick and reliable support.

5. Return on investment

As the name suggests, it must extend the store functionality. And also benefit you and your customers. If you are investing in a particular extension, ask yourself questions like “Will the extension feature benefit my business?” “Will it boost sales?” If yes you can go for buying it.

Top Magento extensions

Magento Payment Gateway Extensions

These extensions can simplify the complex check out processes. Every user wants a short, efficient and secure payment process.

Check out the following Magento payment gateway extensions to fulfil all your requirements.

  • One Step Check Checkout by Amsaty
  • Sage Pay Integration by Magenest
  • Check out Suite by IWD
  • Magento Shipping Extensions

Shipping can be a brutal process without the right shipping extension. Picking, packing, delivery date and managing shipping at a time can put one on stress.

Here we are mentioning top Magento shipping extensions to make it easy.

  • Advance Shipping by Magento Marketplace
  • Delivery Date scheduler by Appjetty
  • Order Management by IWD
  • Magento SEO Extensions

SEO not only plays a crucial role in ranking blogging sites but is equally important for e-commerce site rankings. Adding Magento SEO extension to Magento site makes it easy to rank in SERPs. Note the names of top Magento SEO extensions.

  • SEO Tool Kit by Amsaty
  • SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx
  • Snippet Generator by Apptrian
  • Magento security Extensions

Security loops can ruin site reputation and strike a huge economical loss. It’s not only harmful to you, but it can also affect your customers account details. However, Magneto is one of the most secure platforms yet having a backup in the shape of Magento security extension is a smart decision, Check them below.

  • Security by Mageplaza
  • Two Factor Authentication by Xtento
  • Easy Site Maintenance by Appjetty

Amazing updated Magento features fit each eCommerce website needs. And the advanced Magento extensions help businesses to grow more efficiently. But, at the same time, you have to make the best use of this platform. Know about each extension and then put them to use wisely. Hire our Magento developer today and maintain the standards.