Magento Commerce Cloud

Did you know that more than 245,000 online stores on the internet today are powered by Adobe Commerce? This #1 eCommerce platform aims to improve your store’s user experience.

Adobe Commerce provides a user-friendly interface, facilitates a faster ordering process, and supports multiple extensions to make things easier. It also offers profuse features and tools that enable your store to perform different actions. One such tool is Magento or Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Magento Commerce Cloud is an automated hosting platform specially created for Cloud solutions. It is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers.

In simple words, it is an eCommerce platform that retains a Commerce license and cloud-based hosting. Let us now see how opting for Commerce Cloud can help your online business.

Top 3 Features of Adobe Cloud Commerce

  1. Cloud-Hosted Platform

    The cloud is an electronic platform that enables data to be stored across multiple computers and then served up via networks. As Cloud Commerce is a cloud-hosted platform, it works on the same mechanism. When compared with traditional hosting, it outshines the performance in different aspects.

    A cloud-hosted platform drastically increases your server’s uptime. It ensures that any downtime on a single server doesn’t affect the downtime for your applications and website. It is a cost-efficient option that enables users to even add/ reduce storage, bandwidth, and RAM without any difficulties.

  2. Provides Advanced Level of Security

    The best part of using Adobe Commerce Cloud is that it provides your store with an advanced level of security. It allows you to shield your Web Application Firewall (WAF) with an extra layer of protection. You can also restrict unwanted traffic from visiting your online store.

    It also reduces the risk of security threats such as malware inputs and cyber-attacks as it is PCI compliant as a Level 1 solution provider. Hence, it can be concluded that Magento Commerce Cloud is an unbeatable option when it comes to increasing the security of your website.

  3. Improved Performance

    You can expect a better performance of your online store after shifting to Magento Commerce Cloud. Since it is hosted on Amazon Web, users can expect up to 100% growth in memory storage.

    It will also enhance your store’s speed through various elements like MySQL buffers, REDIS Cache, and ElasticSearch. It is an efficient tool to manage, scale, and expand a product catalog without compromising on the website’s speed.

Hope this guide provided a brief about Magento Commerce Cloud and its benefits. It is a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform that possesses a commerce license. It aims to enhance the security of your store and at the same time boosts its performance.

Want to shift your online store to Adobe Commerce Cloud?

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