Magento eCommerce websites are some of the best working examples of online stores. But just like every eCommerce website, it is also a digitally working machine that demands time-to-time maintenance. So, whether you are looking for regular Magento 2 Store maintenance or facing any critical Magneto issue, we have solutions for both. 

But before that, we want you to be aware of the most common Magento 2 issues. Let’s start with introducing them so you can cut it out then & there with the help of trustable Magento 2 maintenance & support service.    

Standard Magento 2 Store Issues- 

  • Performance issues- Loading speed, downtime, improperly working checkout process and any other issues that affect store performance known as perforce issues. These issues spoil customer experience and make your customers leave your site.  


  • Security issues- Financial frauds, Phishing, Malware, Spamming, DoS & DDoS attack, Exploitation (SQL & SQLi), Bots, MITM (Man In The Middle), Brute force, e-Skimming, are some of the most common security issues. However, they can all harm any business once contained for a long time.   


  • Customer engagement issues- Confusing navigation, poor UI/UX, low bandwidth, disconnected data system, lacking Omnichannel strategies are the reasons behind bad customer engagement. Hence, if you have expert Magento 2 store support, they can fix it towards a rising revenue. 


  • Business adapts- With changing customer needs, latest trends and growing technologies, the formula of an ideal business is changing daily. If your business is not adapting as per technologies and trading, you might lose it to your competitor. 


  • Outreach recovery process- When your themes, extensions, hosting started behaving irrespectively, an eCommerce store meets up with cyber attacks and other technical issues. In such a case, if you have Magento 2 maintenance service on your side, they can handle it on the spot. 


  • Design & content issues- Both of the issues lead to decreasing customer engagement. Content and design must be updated and as per customers’ demands. However, most of the time, analysing unappreciative factors of your store is part of an expert job and needs expert support. 

Now when you are well aware of the issues, it’s time to explore our services. 

Magento Maintenance service you must need- 

With our three types of Magento maintenance & support packages known as BASIC, SILVER and GOLD, it is up to you to choose as per your requirements.  

  • Basic UX/UI changes- User experience and user interface, demand changes in absence of aesthetic business elements or user experience respectively. They might be something you feel to change in your eCommerce website or required because of any other issue. Magento UX & UI design service experts work on the design of your site and do it as per your business needs.    


  • Store troubleshooting- Your Magento store can face many other store problems, such as outdated design, absence of backup, lack of on-page optimization, broken links, pending updates and so on. It also can be any other store issues that appear all of a sudden that need to be troubleshooted, come under this service.       


  • Monthly store backup or regular backup- If you are looking for someone who can take regular backup for your Magento store, then this service fits best for you. Whether you want it monthly or for any fixed time limit, they will take care of your store backup. 


  • Load speed testing- If your Magento store has performance issues like loading speed or you want to check if your website speed is working under set parameters, this specific service is for you. In this service, our Magento developers check for speed and website parts & functions that harm your website speed.  


  • Browser compatibility testing- Website visitors use various browsers to search, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. But if your website is not compatible with even one of them, you can lose a significant amount of traffic. In this Magento service, we test the browser compatibility, and if it encounters any issue, our development service works on it. 


  • Monthly store analysis- Significant conversion rate, segmented revenue, product conversion, funnel abandonment, returning customers percentage, Lifetime Value of Customer, AOV (Average Order Value) are part of monthly store analysis. This way, you can understand if your online business is growing or not.  

Apart from these, we also serve other crucial Magneto maintenance services like Form testing, Link checking, 404 errors, Store image replacement, Security patch setup, Magento theme & extension updates, New extension installation. Moreover, we offer server maintenance. However, it is not covered by our Magneto maintenance services.

Also know, what should be your monthly checklist for Magento store maintenance? 

  Hire experts for Magento 2 maintenance! 

Maintenance of an eCommerce website like Magento is a vast topic and stores abundant large to small services. At magePoint, we serve each critical service related to Magento maintenance and others. 

If you are looking for some of them, contact us, as it is good to feel supported by experts, right?