Magento Mobile App Development

Magento is the most commonly used open-source e-commerce platform in the world. It is recognized and used by huge e-commerce websites such as eBay. It is well renowned for creating feature-rich and budget-friendly mobile apps. Magento’s contemporary architecture allows access to the e-merchants in multiple departments and imposes no restrictions on the ongoing business processes. If you’re looking for an online platform that is 100% responsive and allows customizations with its multiple extensions available, then Magento has everything to fulfil your needs. Along with its site like features and the improved versions, Magento mobile app development is the next big leap you want to take if you’re looking forward to making your business successful.

Here’s Top Points Why You need To Go With Magento Mobile App Development

  • Saves Time & Money- Magento Community Edition comes with an option for easy downloading. It offers you multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting your hosting service. Moreover, the creation of your application is absolutely free of cost and comes with updates from the extensive community. Another added bonus is that the builder comes with a predefined layout along with some essential plugins which means you can launch your application right away.
  • One Page Checkout- The shopping experience at Magento has been kept minimal and optimized for the user. The user does not need to undergo the long checkout process or any kinds of registration which means the shopping experience remains short and simple. The end result is one-page checkout at the time of payments. All this is a part of Magento mobile development solutions.
  • Catalog Management- The Catalog Management at Magento allows proper management of products across diverse categories. Therefore, if your online application will include a wide range of categories and products then Magento will do the task of keeping them well managed across your page to make the user experience memorable. Moreover, you can also apply group updates with the help of the administration interface which helps in saving a lot of time.
  • Rapid Search-  Most of the times, a visitor exits from a website or an app when navigation or browsing is slow. Extra loading time makes the user lose interest in the application immediately that is why it leads to reduced sales. With quick search and better browsing experience, the customer sustains for a longer time at your app.
  • Security- Not only it provides the user with regular updates, but also offers a number of security extensions and patches to keep your application safe. If you wish to keep the site’s back end protected, then you can add an SSL certificate and run a two-step authentication process. One important thing to be noted is that all the Magento sites must comply with the PCI standards to keep the customer information secure.

magePoint provides you with reliable Mobile App Development solutions. As a development company, we help you integrate Magento’s features to your application to enhance customer experience and give an accurate direction to your vision.