Magento eCommerce Website Development

You may have your eCommerce website set up. There would even be a good amount of traffic. However, you may not be happy regarding the conversion rate of visitors to buyers. We look at some Magento eCommerce website optimization tips for ramping up conversions.

1. Offer Free Shipping

Many stores offer cheap shipping. However, statistics show that the overwhelming number of customers prefer free shipping to cheap shipping. Even if you do charge for shipping make sure it is transparent and revealed at the beginning. It is recommended to charge a reasonable flat rate instead of per item.

2. Have detailed product reviews

Having a decent number of product reviews builds trust in potential customers. More the number of reviews per product the higher it’s conversion rate. Having trusted figures and experts giving positive reviews builds up the credibility and selling the potential of products and/or services.

3. Display Contact Information

Customers are afraid they will be cheated by online fraudsters. Display a physical address, phone number, and email address so that potential clients do not worry about your eCommerce store to be a fly by night operator. Also, include a live chat to resolve the doubts and reservations of prospective customers.

4. Include a Progress Bar

The website visitor likes to know which stage he/she is in the online shopping process. An elegant progress bar displayed cleanly on the site will do the trick. Make sure your store looks good across multiple devices and has an acceptable page load speed.

5. Choose a professional designed custom Magento theme

Investing in a customized Magento theme is better than using a free one. Free themes may not be impressive or even be seen on other sites by customers. The drawback of free themes is the absence of technical support. Professional themes are upgradable if the need arises in the future.

6. Invest in building trust

Folk doesn’t make purchases on your site solely on the price factor. Once you gain their trust they will buy. Have a detailed social media profile and about us page for folks to check out. Have safe shopping trust marks displayed prominently in your store?

7. Minimize the content on your store

Do not display too many products or lengthy product descriptions on your store. This will lead to customer fatigue and the customers will switch to alternative sites that have less content. Do not make the common mistake of making customers fill in many details for registration. Ideally, all you should ask is their email address.