SEO is one of the most important factors for the e-Commerce website’s achievement. Magento 2 is an effective and adaptable framework which accompanies numerous outstanding features of SEO. Despite of the fact, it is essential to address specialized and user experience so as to increase higher rankings in search engines.

In this article, we would like to let you know simple tips to boost your Magento 2 SEO. We hope you will like these tips as worthy. These tips are as follows :

1. Mobile Friendly Website/App

It’s essential to understand that most of the users today will begin looking into items on mobile. If they won’t finalize the purchase of the product on mobile, it will not lead to the better conversion rates. That is why, it’s important to have a mobile friendly website.

Also, you have to ensure that the menu, product pages, and content are simple and clear, viable and help mobile users via auto-recommending words. Accordingly, search engines would give you higher rankings if clients click over to your webpage and stick around for item look into.

2. Optimized Meta Tags for Products

The significance of meta tags can’t be overlooked. Your website needs them to rank high and look appealing in SERPs.

Magento 2 SEO includes a new feature that you will like: Fields Auto-Generation. It sets formats for items metadata. They are connected on a global level.

The new setting can be found under Stores – > Configuration – > Catalog – > Catalog – > Product Fields Auto-Generation:

Magento 2 Development

3. Optimized Images

Optimized Images assumes an essential part in website speed. The influences your site rankings: the speedier your site is the all the more ranking ability it has. Sadly, neither Magento 1.X. nor Magento 2 has image compression feature.

In Magento 2, you can include alt traits for item pictures in Product – > Basic Settings – > Images and Videos – > Alt Text.


The colossal part about Magento 2 is that it supports the programmed sitemap generation, solving a few of the issues from the past Magento releases. The sitemap can be created either day by day, week after week or month to month anytime that you favor.

In any case, know that under your XML sitemap’s item alternatives, you have to choose which images are to be included into the sitemap: either none, base pictures just or all item pictures accessible.

We prescribe the “base picture” choice and concentrating consideration on having one extraordinary base picture for every item so your item list items get a lift to CTR (a positioning element) without exploding your sitemap’s record estimate.

4. for Product reviews

Notwithstanding basic product data, you might need to incorporate item product reviews information. On the basis of amazon reviews, it is comprehended that it is ideal to incorporate many reviews than having an impeccable 5/5 score. Clearly, you would prefer not to have a poor survey either however a 4 or more audit score with 100s of surveys is worth more than 2 surveys with an impeccable 5 score.

Sometimes, Google may demonstrate the initial couple of surveys appropriate in the list items. This may have been a short test however I’ve seen it every once in a while.

5. Product Pages Optimization

Product pages are the place where the activities happens. No, when the client have touched base to the checkout they have officially settled on a choice to purchase the item. The product page is the place they learn and assess your item and settle on the choice to get it. Another critical reality that is regularly missed is that in bigger web based business locales around half of your web traffic will arrive on product pages first. So your item pages should be ideal.

What does it mean? all things considered, it truly relies upon the sort of products you are offering. In any case, what you need to concentrate on is the thing that kind of data does the client require keeping in mind the end goal to settle on a choice to pull the trigger. This regularly implies title, value, short depiction, long portrayal, and item pictures.

Some optional description can be reviews, affirmations, a case of uses, any affiliations or other nonconventional data with respect to your products.

6. Ensure the Site is Secure

e-Commerce website is an extraordinary focus for programmers and endure steady assaults. Nowadays most assaults are done naturally and in “discount” design. So programmers essentially check IPs and URLs in mass until the point when they discover a helplessness.

To prevent any security concerns, make sure you keep your site up to date. You should also secure your site with some of the basic rules these days:
-Utilize strong passwords
-Refresh passwords in every few months
-Use a unique admin url
-Use the recommended file permissions
-Do not expose your specific Magento 2 version


We hope these mentioned tips will help Magento store owners to take the maximum out the SEO advantage of the e-commerce platforms. Some of our observations are fairly obvious, but you would be surprised how common some of these steps are.