Magento 2.2.2 is an update launched soon after the release of Magento 2.2. The 2.2.2 version of Magento has major fresh features that improve the customer experience as well as give merchants deeper insights into their online enterprise. Also, there are many fixes as well as improvements to the main features. The Magento community has accomplished 96 bug fixes which have been incorporated in Magento 2.2.2.

Following is the list of new features in the recent release of Magento

  • The inclusion of dotmailer marketing automation system. It gives Magento a significant competitive edge over contemporary eCommerce platforms.

  • Introduction of the Magento Functional Testing Framework that enables rigorous functional testing and brings down significantly the efforts to do regression tests. The solution also aids in ramping up modularity as well as customizability.

  • Advanced Reporting leveraging Magento Business Intelligence. Obtain simple to use order, product as well as custom reports via the Magento admin to have fresh insights as well as make data-based decisions.

  • Improved Instant Purchase checkout submitted by Creatuity. The fresh improved Instant Purchase option employs previously existing shipping data as well as payment credentials to bypass steps during checkout. All customers need to do is just click the Instant Purchase button located below the Add to Cart button.

  • There is a fresh feature namely Magento Shipping. It offers built-in advanced multi-carrier shipping as well as fulfilment. Magento Shipping is along the lines of Temando which is an intelligent shipping platform providing support right from the shopping cart stage to final delivery.

Fixes as well as improvements

  • There is no support for the Indian Rupee currency to PayPal Express Checkout. Earlier certain Braintree refunds failed to function. This flaw has been fixed.

  • Earlier there used to be a storefront error on switching store views more than once. This has been corrected.

  • Now you can employ the Enter key along with a mouse click to search for particular tables in the Admin.

  • The platform does not create duplicate shipments when shipments along with bundled products are created by merchants using API.

Functional Fixes

  • A new property is that this e-commerce platform accepts coupon codes having special characters during the process of checkout.

  • The cache control headers have been improved.

  • It is now possible to save as well as duplicate a simple item. Earlier when users selected the Save and Duplicate option for a pre-existing simple product/item the action would not take place and error would be displayed.