Advanced Order Grid Extension

Facing problems while managing orders on your Magento 2 store?

Managing order is one tedious yet critical process for an online store. It becomes much more challenging when you’re dealing with thousands of orders. By default, Magento 2 offers a very narrow scope of data which delays the order processing. To get a comprehensive view of the order, the admin is required to view each inquiry separately.

The experts at magePoint comprehended this issue and curated an ultimate solution- the Advanced Order Grid extension. It facilitates the admin to effectively monitor sales and deliberately extend the default order grid by adding informative columns. It enables the admin to view all the comprehensive order data in one place which further eases order management.

Key Features of Advanced Order Grid Extension by magePoint

  • Effectively Manage Orders on your Magento 2 Store

    Magento’s default order grid is too basic and requires you to view each inquiry separately to get details. This is what makes order management a tedious process for admins. After installing our Advanced Order Grid extension, you get access to a comprehensive order grid with added columns like product name, SKUs, product thumbnail, and product type. This will provide more detailed information and help you effectively manage orders on your online store.

  • Filter the Order Grid with the Product Name

    With the help of our Advanced Order Grid extension, you can filter the order grid using the product name. Once you segregate similar orders on your Magento store, order management becomes much more straightforward.

  • Sort Orders using Product’s SKUs

    Sometimes the admin needs to assess the total sales of products with the same SKUs. With our extension, you can quickly sort the orders using products’ SKU thereby restricting the need to view each inquiry separately.

  • Display Subsequent Product Thumbnails On the Order Grid

    Advanced Order Grid was developed to ease order management on Magento 2. Adding a product thumbnail on the order grid can help you effortlessly figure out specific products from the order list.

  • Run Multiple Queries at a Time

    Wish to sort the order grid with products having more than one specific trait? Modify the search results by adding multiple queries like product name and SKU by inserting a “,” between two subsequent queries to separate them.

Magento 2 is one of the best eCommerce platforms that enables you to build a robust store with multiple functionalities. However, things might get complicated when your store receives thousands of orders. The default order grid is basic and does not provide detailed information unless the admin clicks on each inquiry separately.

magePoint made things easier by innovating the Advanced Order Grid extension. This extension lets you sort orders as per your preferences and allows you to sort orders as per the order name and SKU. Moreover, you can display product thumbnails to make things easier. It all adds up to provide you with enhanced order management. Contact us for more queries.