The leading Magento extension development company magePoint has released a new extension – Magento 2 Auto Account Creation While Guest Checkout. It creates customer account automatically when checkout as a Guest on your online eCommerce store. This is a very useful extension to have and can boost your online store’s revenue to a great extent.

Magento 2 Auto Account Creation While Guest Checkout gives you the ability to convert guest orders on checkout to registered customers. After the installation, you can access from Magento 2 admin and it displays a list of guest checkout orders available for conversion. You can choose the customers/orders you want to convert and upon conversion a new password is generated. This information will be emailed to the the user. All orders and customers information is transferred over when guest is converted to a customer.

Important Features of the Extension :

  • Can Enable or Disable it using Commands
  • Auto create Customer Account while Guest Checkout
  • Auto Send New Account Creation email to Customer
  • User can save their time by avoiding the required fields to enter for checkout

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