mobile commmerce

Mobile commerce has emerged from eCommerce and has gained massive popularity in today’s tech-driven world. Specifically, after the pandemic, many new businesses joined the race and entered the online world in the hope of increasing their sales.

Various platforms are available to power your online store, but the most popular among them is Magento. It is an open-source platform that allows you to add multiple plugins, addons, and other higher functionalities to your online store to make it look more elegant & informative.

4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Magento for Mobile Commerce

Here are some strong reasons why most businesses prefer Magento for managing their mobile commerce:

  1. Self-Sufficient Admin Panel

    One of the main reasons most entrepreneurs prefer Magento for handling their mobile commerce store is that it offers a self-sufficient admin panel which is convenient to use.

    Even non-technical personnel can efficiently operate and handle a mCommerce store. The admin panel of Magento 2 provides you with the same flexibility to control products, catalogs, checkout, inventory, and much more even, after being optimized for mobile phones.

  2. Marvelous APIs

    The diverse APIs of Magento 2 expand its functionalities and allows you to handle front-end as well as back-end interface conveniently.

    It eases integrating internal and external service modules to provide a seamless user experience. APIs restrict the manual transfer of data necessary for the smooth operation of your mobile store.

    Web functionality API can be cited as one of the best examples that permits you to run microservices in your app and, at the same time, enhances the mobile experience of users.

  3. Unique Shopping Experience

    Magento is a one-stop destination for online store owners as it offers profuse out-of-the-box features that will help you offer an exceptional user experience.

    Mobile Commerce aids you in developing a unique, engaging, and frictionless shopping experience for your customers. Furthermore, it also provides you with superior security, performance, and cloud-based capabilities.

    Enrich your store with responsive themes and designs in a way that appeals to prospects visiting your mobile store. All control remains in your hand, and that’s why mobile commerce owners prefer Magento.

  4. Push Notifications

    Sending a push notification to your customers is indispensable for any mCommerce store. It enhances the chances of customer engagement and conversions.

    Although it is not feasible with an eCommerce store, sending out an efficient push notification helps you connect with your prospects on a more personal level. It offers a more personalized approach to sales and marketing on your mobile commerce stores.

    mCommerce gets a higher chance of conversion when compared to the desktop version, as you can target your customers based on gender, age, interests, location, etc.

Wrapping Up

Mobile commerce is gaining immense popularity these days, and it is essential to follow these trends for an eCommerce owner. Magento is a splendid tool for your Mobile Commerce store, given that you know how to move things around. It provides you with everything needed to build and manage a successful mCommerce store.

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