Magento 2 Commerce

Thinking of moving onto the Magneto premium version or Magento 2 Commerce? Well, that’s a great sign of growing business!

Likewise, you are browsing here, so definitely you have some of the doubts to clear.

Well! Yes, the community edition is a perfect choice for small business but still if it’s not enough to handle the immense demand of your growing business? Go for Magento 2 Commerce, the best deal to serve the big enterprises.

Previously known as a Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), it is mostly used by the large eCommerce stores that are looking for more advanced features and customization options.

Understanding Magento 2 Commerce-

The Magento product is a premium/paid version of Magento and designed as a one-step up solution for users. This Magento solution has a Magento team in the backend and could be supported via phone or email.

This paid version serves exclusive product enhancement, security updates and a massive list of features that make a mark. It offers an on-premises solution or the used as a hosted solution like PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Also known as Magento Commerce Cloud, this Magento product is worthwhile.

Cost- $22,000/year to 125,000/year, as you pay for the advanced added features.

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Magento 2 Commerce Possibilities-

Magento has performed a large number of positive changes in these last few years. And with less complex and merchants friendly functionality, it is leading the race from other popular eCommerce platforms. In such wise, it has gone beyond BigCommerce and Shopify.

Other than this, if you include commerce tools, elastic paths and a Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it can serve far more than you can demand.

Some other matterful advantages-

  1. Cost- Yes, you have to play for Magento commerce (enterprises). However, the Magneto community is free as compared to the paid ones, where you have to pay $22,000 or more than that. Also, you have to pay for additional implementation.
  2. Functionality- Magento core offers all advanced features that one could ask. From targeted offering with advanced segments to minimum advertised price, there are many other supports you should know.
    Magento 2 Commerce return management authorization and can serve promotion and price permission with it. It has content margin, customer attribute and ability of ad SOLR search. Also, it offers content management system, call centre software and features to a rollback of content.
  3. Security- Magento enterprises solve the biggest problem users face with the Magento community, which is “security on payments”. The free version does not serve any PCL complaints. However, enterprises have a power-packed security version called PA-DSS.
    After all, in the way of being a full-fledged online business for the future, you do not want to ignore the security matters.
  4. Page builder- The functionality is only present in Magento 2 Commerce planes to help merchants for managing content and tempest.
    As the features originate from Magento’s acquisition of BlueFoot CMS, it allows users to drag-and-drop pages & content. Ultimately, this uncovers the route towards the ease of customer experience.
  5. Performance- Yes, Magento open source has many options available to help you to improve performance. However, in the case of the long run, most professionals will suggest you The enterprise.
    When it comes to eCommerce stores, if it has functionality available for wholesalers and comprehensive B2B owners, it is worth spending.
  6. Visual merchandising- It’s pretty easy to add visualization when it comes to Magento 2 Commerce. The trendy and effective feature makes Magento one step up from other competitive platforms.
    Although, advance marketing, abandoned cart emails, customer segmentation, gift registry, and some of the smart merchandising. Moreover, rewards points and private sales are some of the other features that are stepping business towards AI-originated eCommerce.

Need professionals to make this big decision?

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