Magento 2 SEO Services

First and foremost, customers don’t have any idea where and what they should buy, for shopping online. They just Google their requirement and lead towards the very first search engine result. If your online store is not on the first page, Google will not show it to the searchers. But, for e-commerce websites like Magento 2 and its outstanding SEO optimization supporting architecture, data markups and page loading speed, you can rank there. All you need is a Magento to a website and the best Magento 2 SEO services.

Let’s understand how amazingly handy Magento 2 SEO tips & tricks and full guide works.

  • Magento Metadata settings- Catchy and relevant metadata draw attention to both crawlers and searchers and help you rank high. The configuration metadata settings of Magento can let you make the same for your home page, metadata, snippets, and prefixes & suffixes title tags.
  • Home page- The home page title should stand out from the crowd, and therefore Google also suggests adding your website name at the end, especially for the home page.
  • Metadata- Metadata includes title and meta description, meta tags and, while configuring metadata settings, is the first tip in this Magento 2 SEO guide. This makes your website look attractive even before landing customers on your homepage. Your metadata not only affects your Magento SEO but CTR.

Magento allows two metadata settings, one for categories and one for products. And these are recommendations:

Title- 70 characters max with relevant keywords

Description- 180 characters max with relevant keywords

  • Snippet- Rich snippets can boost CTR and drive 20% to 40% more traffic to your website. In Magento 2, the snippet feature also appears for all product pages. However, by default, it only shows the only price, SKU identifier name and ratings and you have to add an extension for more.
  • Magento 2 SEO for content- For optimizing any website, duplicate content is the biggest threat. Especially with eCommerce sites, several products have the same category but various sizes & colours. That is why the description is the same with different URLs, which can lower the performance.

In such a case, here is what you can do:

    • Add canonical tags: By using canonical tags to the main page, you notify the search engine that is the official version of your content and among may link the duplicity.
  • Category path for product URLs: It helps in the store navigation and shows the hierarchy of a webpage, which turns search engines to crawl faster. The best you can do for effective Magento SEO optimization is to use canonical tags with category paths.
  • Magento 2 SEO for URL- Optimization URL gives crawlers and customers an idea about your website, so make sure it’s clear, short and succinct with relevant keywords.

But do you know with Magento, you can create more SEO- friendly URLs?

Here is how?

  • Suffix for products and category URL- Magento 2 feature allows you to change URL suffixes for various category pages and products. For setting it up, these are the following steps:
  1. Go to Stores
  2.  Configuration
  3.  Catalog
  4.  Search Engine Optimization.
  • SEO- driven Redirects and URLs- Make a readable and clear URL slug for attracting Google is the easy yet critical way. For this, eliminate complicated and unnecessary words for your URLs.
  • Magento 2 Website indexing- Imagine how Google looks at a website. It finds the crawling information from billions of sources, which will organize it by indexing it. This indexing could be a vital tool to optimize your Magento SEO and can speed up this process. Here are the process names:
  • Robots.txt
  • Meta Robots
  • XML sitemaps
  • Magento 2 visuals- No matter how good and amazing you create your visuals and designs, search engines can not understand it. All you can do is optimize them. For that, work on the following points:
  •  Alt text- You can take it as a description of an image. These tags help search engines to understand what your image is all about. All you have to do is add relevant Alt text with keywords.
  • Image optimization- A heavy website can harm your website speed and perform the worst. As per our experience in Magento 2 development, 80% of it is because of the non-optimized images.

For this, if you are using the Magento Commerce cloud, you can get a faster image optimizer.


The aforementioned Magento SEO tricks can create unbelievable potentials for your online store. We have covered all crucial SEO solutions in this blog that can help you with many tactics. However, in best and sound Magento SEO optimization, we suggest you hire an experienced Magento 2 development services.