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Business to Business (B2B) commerce model reflects the trade between enterprises. B2B implicates more complicated operations than a B2C commerce model, such as engaging your audiences, complex orders and optimising sites for inbound marketing. Maintaining such a store is a challenging task for any entrepreneur.

5 Key B2B Features of Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce, now known as Adobe Commerce, is an excellent tool that enables organisations to streamline their online sales operations. It offers impressive features that allow you to efficiently address your customers, inventory, orders, and shipping. Whether you own a small online enterprise or a big one, Adobe Commerce helps you in every way possible.

Explaining some features of Magento Commerce for B2B will help you understand why you should consider it for your online store:

  1. Magento self-service built-in tools

    Magento Commerce provides you with in-built service tools that offer an account dashboard. This dashboard allows your customers to handle their accounts and shifts the ordering process to their hands.

    You can save a lot of money you would have spent purchasing costly plugins after using Magento Commerce self-service tools. Magento also offers an exclusive set of B2B functions for interacting with buyers, including grouping and designating individual priorities for specific accounts.

  2. Security

    Magento Commerce helps enhance the security of your B2B website. It provides more effective authentication and authorisation tools, simultaneously offering better control over access to your site.

    While using Magento Commerce, you can be assured that only authorised users have access to your site and that they get authenticated before being able to make changes to data. Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Security Scan Tool, and Enterprise Edition Firewall are some trending built-in security features of Magento.

  3. Inventory Management

    The inventory management tools of Magento are specifically designed to automate the process of tracking inventory levels in establishments and to preserve time & money.

    Organisations don’t need to worry about running out of inventory, as Magento B2B’s replenishment rules let businesses automatically reorder products when there are shortages. Magento Inventory Management features allow you the time to focus on the core objectives of the business by efficiently managing its operations.

  4. Advanced analytics

    The best part of using Magento is that it lets you interpret your customer’s buying behaviour and website performance using advanced analytics.

    Advanced Analytics is an excellent feature of Magento Commerce that allows companies to track their sales, conversion rates, and other key data points.

    Such helpful insights initiate upgrading marketing strategies, product development, and overall operations.

  5. Optimise on-site search

    Customer satisfaction is an indispensable aim of any eCommerce store. As an eCommerce store owner, you must realise the importance of a fast and optimized on-site search function.

    The extensive caching of page content and static assets on the server helps you optimise on-site search. This will enhance loading speed and deliver a better experience for users.

    Magento Commerce is a one-stop destination for all your B2B store requirements as it offers profuse features that allow you to boost your sales and manage your inventory efficiently. This makes Magento one of the most ideal platforms for corporations that want to facilitate their online operations.

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