Adobe Commerce Cloud Features
Ease of access and the breakneck competition saw an upsurge in the need for customer experience in recent years. To match this need in B2B, companies started optimizing their eCommerce websites and one platform stood among the leaders. Magento powers over 250,000 active eCommerce websites on the internet. Its high level of usability, customization and the option to choose between open source or enterprise versions made it a favourite. Adobe foresaw this rise when they bought Magento Commerce in 2018 and made it a part of their famous Adobe Cloud services. What came after that? The launch of Adobe Commerce Cloud, a platform built on Magento that offers flexible solutions to optimize eCommerce websites. It aimed to transform casual shopping into a complete commerce experience with its myriad of features. Let us go over how it elevates the B2B customer experience.

Product & Content Recommendation

The days of random shopping are over as establishments opt for a more personalized approach to stimulate customer interaction. Machine learning algorithms coupled with AI and Adobe Sensei generate a deep analysis of the prospect and match it with your product catalogue. This automated behaviour targeting helps generate an engrossing customer experience, as you can show users the products that interest them. The feature works similarly to push the right content to the right person at the right time.

AI Helps With Search

The customers leave a website if they aren’t able to quickly locate what they are looking for. The search bar solves this by letting them search for the product instead of rummaging through the product list. You can take the experience a step further by incorporating live search into the search bar with Adobe Commerce Cloud. Using AI-powered Site Search, the user gets autofill suggestions as they search by scanning your product list. Reducing the number of clicks to reach their desired product directly improves customer engagement.

Account Management

B2B’s nature differs from B2C. B2B processes take more time to acquire a customer but have a better rate of retaining them. A personalized account with your eCommerce platform makes it easy for both parties. With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can create engaging self-service portals, empowering them to view their invoices, order history and company credit.

Trouble-free Orders

Placing an order has gone through many changes over the years. Adobe Commerce Cloud learnt from all previous mistakes and came up with a friction-free order process. You can configure preset requisition lists which your customers can choose from to speed up the purchase process. They can also place orders by putting in SKUs or directly uploading CSV files. Digital signature for a B2B purchase was another step that slowed the process. Integrating Adobe Sign (accessible through the admin panel) solved it by enabling users to effortlessly sign on documents like purchase agreements and terms & conditions.

Easy Negotiations & Closing

Bulk orders in B2B sometimes go through negotiations before finalizing the deal. Therefore, Adobe integrated quoting and price negotiations to Commerce Cloud. By enabling B2B quotes in configuration, authorized buyers can request a quote directly from the shopping cart to begin negotiations. You can view all of them in the quotes grid and continue negotiating over emails. As it proceeds, you are free to add/remove products, change the quantity, add comments, apply a discount and more.

Effective Customer Support

Excellent customer service is the ultimate piece of delivering an amazing customer experience. Powerful backend tools allow you to give power to your customer service representatives to view and modify order details, issue refunds, etc. The Adobe Commerce Order Management System (OMS) tool gives all details your executives would need to solve the customer’s problem. They can change shipping details or even cancel them as per the customer’s demand. The best part is you can easily integrate it with other OMS through various APIs.


All these features build on the existing customer experience and elevate it to a whole new level. As it is based on the Magento platform, you will need an expert to use Adore Commerce Cloud to its full potential. magePoint, a professional Magento 2 development company can help you with its 7+ years of design & development experience. Contact us and get in touch with our experts to deliver the best experience to your customers.